Liberty Township, PA– Yes, I’m still here. The roads around here opened up last night,  but in all the excitement of the floods and road closings and such I must have kicked up a bit of road junk. I’ve got an issue with a brake slack adjuster in one wheel. I’m waiting to get fixed so I can be on my way. I’ll head to Jersey with my load, and then to home.

  • The Speech: Long on angry rhetoric, and short on actual fixes for the economy, seems the consensus on the long touted speech last night.  No shock there, and the comments are already flowing that way.The only surprising thing is that anyone expects anything else from him even after long exposure to it.Let’s make this simple: When you make enemies of the corporations, the rich, and the profit motive,  and tax the hell out of anything that moves, why would anyone be shocked when the economy ends up in the crapper? The fix is a fairly obvious one and it’s one Obama will never even suggest. And see my Ramble of yesterday for a fairly radical idea that would really get things moving. He won’t do that, either. Oh… and of note… even his own party is having trouble being his cheering section anymore. Telling, that. Who could blame them? The speech, simply put was “It’s not my fault, good night”. We waited nearly a thousand days for Obama to blame Congress for his lack of leadership? Please.    And here’s the thing; You may recall I mentioned that this speech was being  very obviously set up as a part of the Obama re-election campaign. That cool a reception by his own party, even, is a solid indicator of 2012’s election.
  • Indication: PMSNBC scored it’s best numbers in a long while, not with it’s usual lineup of leftie nonsense, but with…. wait for it… The GOP debates.  I wonder if the ratings starved network will react accordingly? I doubt it. GE, Jeff Immelt, etc.
  • Attention Al Gore: Read Ann Althouse lately? You should.

    You know, when you’re calling somebody “a flat-out moron,” you’d better be sure you’re not missing something. It’s extremely common to portray environmentalism, as practiced in present-day America, as the equivalent of a religion. Just the other day, for example, I wrote: “enviromentalism is the religion taught in public schools, and it’s the kind of religion done with shaming young people.” Here’s a World Net Daily article from back in 2008 called “The Climate Change Religion.” The Freakonomics blog had an item in 2009: “Is Climate-Change Belief a Religion?”(“Actually, yes…”). Here’s a piece in Forbes from last April: “Climate Change As Religion: The Gospel According To Gore.”

    And of course we’ve been calling it a religion here for some time. In fact, I made the point back on the old GT network that environmentalism was a religion replacement. Gaia, and all that. Made the same point on a talk show I did in Rochester, in the 80’s as well. Amazing how the left still hasn’t caught up to that one. Oh… and should I note that Galileo was repressed bythose who suggested the science was settled? LOL…. Those who don’t learn from history, probably shouldn’t try to use it as a wedge.

  •  Fast Food Stamps: I see where Pepsico (KFC, Taco Bell, etc, etc) and McDonalds are among those trying to get Food Stamps to be accepted at their eateries, One can understand why. They recognize that given the growth of government handouts, it’s the only place they’re goin to see any growth in their businesses, anymore. Dan Mitchell has a comment or three.

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