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The Ramble for 9/29/11

Duncanon,PA– I’m here for a rest break. [1] I’ve got a different truck today since my usual one is in the shop… just fixing up my wish list, plus a few usual maintenance items. New tires, shocks, Oil change, lube, etc. I’ve been pounding on my ride for the last 6 months now, without much more than fuel and bare minimum service. It’ll be good to get a lot of the heavy work out of the way. I’ll get a better truck back.

I bitch, a lot of times about the wrenches that work for this line, but I also make no bones about this; They’re bloody miracle workers, when it comes down to it.

From here I’ll run to Carlisle, PA, then to Queens, NY. Then Dayton NJ then to Mountaintop PA and back to Queens. Prolly be home Friday night late.


In answer to some questions folks have asked me about the specific stops I make, and some of the details of those businesses, I actually don’t know much about them. I just drive the truck. (grin)