Duncanon,PA– I’m here for a rest break. I’ve got a different truck today since my usual one is in the shop… just fixing up my wish list, plus a few usual maintenance items. New tires, shocks, Oil change, lube, etc. I’ve been pounding on my ride for the last 6 months now, without much more than fuel and bare minimum service. It’ll be good to get a lot of the heavy work out of the way. I’ll get a better truck back.

I bitch, a lot of times about the wrenches that work for this line, but I also make no bones about this; They’re bloody miracle workers, when it comes down to it.

From here I’ll run to Carlisle, PA, then to Queens, NY. Then Dayton NJ then to Mountaintop PA and back to Queens. Prolly be home Friday night late.


In answer to some questions folks have asked me about the specific stops I make, and some of the details of those businesses, I actually don’t know much about them. I just drive the truck. (grin)

  •  Crony Capitalism=Democrat:  We all know about what’s been going on with the “Green Jobs” bit with Obama. It gets better when the name of Nancy Pelosi comes up. Tell me again why they want more tax money, eh?
  • Speaking of Solyndra: It appears Dems have found a way out of being blamed for the squandered money there…. the meme now is Solyndra violated the terms of the loan.  Does anyone buy this as an excuse?
  • Bring the ad back, Ford: Noted at Glenn’s place:

    MICKEY KAUS: Why’d Ford Pull That Ad? “Poor Ford. They don’t go broke like their rivals. Then Obama White House props up and promotes those rivals. They try to point out their relative independence in an ad, which then risks turning the Obama White House into an actual enemy. But when they pull the ad it only reinforces the point that they have to suck up to the Obama White House. Corporatism’s a bitch.”

    True. But watch this: Ford didn’t go broke because among other reasons, Ford was spending less on “green” then their government funded rivals. Think the “mainstream” news folks will notice? And why is it that nobody has noticed that the ones in government interested in running America’s car companies, are ones who are on record as saying we drive too much? And their supporters? Well, it’s like I said last winter… the Prius is the ideal car for those who don’t like to drive. You can make believe you’re saving the planet…. and get punished for it at the same time.  Why is it the folks who think they’re saving the planet are invariably the ones driving like idiots?

  • An ACORN by any other name: Just because they got caught, don’t think for a minute they’ve gone away. They are like roaches.
  • Compromise:  Tammy Bruce says yesterday….

    Amazing, Christie’s spewing about the importance of ‘compromise,’ Remember–that’s *conservative* compromise, he’s not talking to liberals

    Just so. When is the last time liberals compromised? I’ll wait. (Crickets) Look, Gang… the GOP establishment would like nothing better than their base to go away. Troubelf rot hem is that’s why McCain lost. It went away. Sat on it’s hands. The GOP base IS the majority, folks.

  • Oh, please: I see they gave Troy Davis a funeral  the other day. That’s the moron that both David and I spoke of last week. Why bother with the funeral? A little gasoline  and a match oughta do it.
  • Google This: Remember I said the relationship between Google and this corrupted White House should be investigated? Well, the guy who stood up and said “please raise my taxes” the other day? He worked at Google. Huge Dem contributor. Need I say more?  And look, just think; If we could just get these morons to simply send their checks to the treasury instead of the DNC, we’d save money at both ends, ya know? I mean, why the request for requirement of taxpaying? If they want their taxes raised why not do it on their own? Why demand that  government force them to, hmmm? Consider Warren Buffett who played the same game recently in public while behind the scenes his lawyers fought to keep from paying billions he owes.
  • Random House stands by a Palin hating liar.

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