Queens, NY– I’m at College Point again, unloading as this is written. I’m writing ths on m Palm Pre’ so it’ll be a ittle shorter than usual, perhaps. 

A nice weekend, but a bit short. It’s cooler around here this week and the leaves in the upper elevations along I80 and I81 are already starting to change… the Sumac, particularly. Winter driving is soon.. and I’m not overly happy about it. Part of the game, I guess.

  • $1,500,000,000,000 IN NEW TAXES..That is what Obama plans. This is his “jobs” plan.  And if you look… really read what the proposal contains, he says those tax increases don’t show up until after the election.  So, elect Obama, and get a tax increase. Does anyone figure he’s got a hope in hell of being re-elected? I mean, does anyone remember Walter Mondale? 
  • The Panic is Palpable:Yes, I saw the article Snake head posted. He’s downright panicked…. but, observe, please that even in his panic, he’s suggesting they need to find something to blame other than the liberal ideology. That’s his biggest concern… that liberalism itself not be blamed for the morass we find ourselves in.  Rather, that we blame Obama for being inept.The problems he complains about though,  are no more a case of ineptness than was under Jimmy Carter.  Certainly, there is much evidence that each is inept, but that’s not the root cause. Carville, in his writing, keeps pointing to Clinton as some kind of success. Whereas Clinton was able to save his own butt, Obama won’t have that ability.  The difference between them is that Clinton was smart enough to understand that the liberal agenda has its limits in terms of voter supportand acceptance. Obama has no such understanding, being a died in the wool socialist… a true believer. That’s also exactly why he’s so very confused just now.  He’s so stewed in socialist dogma he knows nothing else… which is why they’re out of ideas.In the end, The problem is the politics of the left.. and they’re so much worse just now because  the liberal mantra sees it’s fullest flower in Obama…. even more so than Carter.  If you’re Carville, would you ever admit that truth?
  • ATTENTION TUCKER CARLSON: Your Palin hate has caused you to lose your friggin mind. It’s amazing what a strong woman will bring out in people.
  • The Value Of School Lunches: I’m willing to bet these two lobbied for them
  •  Huh?  Are you really sure you want to say this?

    Unhappy members of the Congressional Black Caucus “probably would be marching on the White House” if Obama were not president, according to CBC Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.).

    So lemme understand you clearly… the reason you’re not marching on the White House is because he’s black? And we’re not supposed to see this as reverse racism? And, are you tossing your voters… Your constituants, aside, because Obama’s black? Really?

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