Dorrence,PA– I’m on my way to Saratoga, NY after, running last night from Florence NJ to Carlisle, PA. Some rain around here, some of it fairly intense. Word was they had a number of houses burned from Lightning strikes in the York, PA area.

  • The Lessons of NY9:I mentioned this race and it’s outcome in yesterday’s Ramble, but there’s an important aspect of all this that I’ve overlooked, at least insofar as my online comments. The lesson is that there’s a number of longtime held myths that this race and it’s result blows sky high. The best way to do that is to look at what the winner in that race, Bob Turner, did during his campaign.First of all the old Tip O’Neil bromide that “all politics is local” just went out the window. Turner did not even mention local issues in his campaign.  Rather, it was all national issues.Further, in that framework, and not once during his campaign, at least so far as I know, did Turner suggest he wanted to work with the Democrats and arrive at anything remotely resembling a ‘bipartisan solution’.During the campaign, Turner repeatedly… and loudly, said he would eliminate the US Department of Agriculture the EPA and reduce the size of the Department of Education.  The stated aim, reducing spending at the federal level by some 35%. Turner made no secret of not wanting Amnesty for illegals.. Turner’s a Roman Catholic, and therefore is  pro-life. He’s stated he supports the Defense of Marriage Act.  He also wants  Obamacare repealed. Doesn’t much sound like the bipartisan noises we’re supposed to be making, does it?

    I mean, look; We’re always told… mostly by the RINO crowd and by the left, (Granted, a repetition, anymore)…that if we speak out against liberals with the truth, we’d push independents right into the hands of the Democrats. And, of course, we’ll never win over Democrats themselves with such talk.

    Yet, look what happened: Turner, a staunch Conservative, won in landslide proportions in what is unarguably one of the most liberal sections of the country…. in a district held by Democrats for 90 some odd years… by the mere possession of a spine… standing up for his beliefs… IE;doing exactly what the CW says he’s not supposed to do….  And this proves exactly what I’ve said since Reagan.  Not compromising your beliefs… standing up for them… is what conservatives should be doing.

    And The Democrats… and the RINO crowd with them, are downright despondent over this one. Turner has shown us the way… and I say again, this is the way I’ve been suggesting for well over a decade, now.

    Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to be conservative. Stand up for your beliefs. Don’t try to work with liberals. Work instead to defeat them. You will be rewarded… and on that path, our country has a chance. And, dear reader, that is exactly what is at stake, here.

    All “unexpectedly” of course. Do we really want to compromise with the Democrats… the ones who got us to this pass?
  • Jobs Bill Not a priority for Harry Reid:  Dirty Harry is in no mood for Obama’s “jobs Bill”… which still doesn’t really exist as such yet… see David’s post of Yesterday. The reason is simple enough… there are too many Senate Dems up for re-election… an election they’ll never succeed in, if they were to back Obama’s nearly naked power grab. What IS the priority? Bike Paths.

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