Hanover,MD– I came in last night arriving here around 5:30 this morning, for an unload. ‘ll be headed elsewhere around noon or so.

I spend most of yesterday eradicating a virus from my home network. Those who have some experienjce with this can see how that takes serious time. We’re still seeing some of the effects from the flooding  ran into the other day.

  • Obama’s Uncle Quietly released from Jail: Gee, if this was an uncle of W…. what would be the headlines, just now, hmm? As it is, near silence.
  • Beer Can: Glenn passes on  some advice on boosting your Wi-Fi signal. We used to do that with CB, as well, though the cans were a bit bigger… taking a couple 55 Gallon drums at the longer wavelength.
  • “Let’s Roll”  under Obama Becomes “Let’s Roll Over”. The great Mark Steyn explains, and does it well.
  • Why the Stimulus Failed– Right Wing News explains
  • Like a Kidney Stone: Saying pass it 14 times in his speech wasn’t enough, White House floods reporters’ inboxes after Obama’s jobs speech. Amazing thing; Obama waits 961 days before getting angry about someone dragging their feet on jobs. Of course, forget that the bill he wants passed doesn’t yet exist as such, any more than the Obamacare bill did.
  • When even the NY Times Admits it… I see where the Times is saying Dems are worried that Obama will lose the next election… which is true… but the bigger, largely unspoken worry I see underneath these headlines is  that  he’ll drag them down with him.  Less than six months into this administration I said precisely the same thing.  The reason for this worry has never been clearer;  In Obama, what the left got was precisely what they’ve been having what dreams over for the past several decades; this country has never had a more leftist dominated president.  His policies were exactly what the left asked for.  As an example, Obama has succeeded in tossing all kinds of loan guarantees and outright giveaways to “renewable energy companies”, such as Solyndra.  None of them have panned out, other than providing monetary support for his political supporters , such as the unions for example.  It has become clear to the American people and that those policies are a failure, in terms of providing jobs, and ending the recession. Indeed, the evidence is clear that Obama’s leftist leanings have made our recession that much worse.   That’s true, even if Obama himself doesn’t remember that his policies have so far failed.  For example, that his first stimulus was an absolute flop.  He doesn’t understand anything else, has no other ideas, therefore he’s going to try it again.  Tell me again how this man is not ideology driven.  Therefore, the chances of anyone being reelected who supports those policies and the ideology behind them are not exactly rock sure.
  • Krugman: I note David’s comments this morning and Glenn’s comments later in the day…and will echo them here:

    Don’t be angry. Understand it for what it is, an admission of impotence from a sad and irrelevant little man. Things haven’t gone the way he wanted lately, his messiah has feet of clay — hell, forget the “feet” part, the clay goes at least waist-high — and it seems likely he’ll have even less reason to like the coming decade than the last, and he’ll certainly have even less influence than he’s had. Thus, he tries to piss all over the people he’s always hated and envied. No surprise there. But no importance, either. You’ll see more and worse from Krugman and his ilk as the left nationally undergoes the kind of crackup it’s already experiencing in Wisconsin. They thought Barack Obama was going to bring back the glory days of liberal hegemony in politics, but it turned out he was their Ghost Dance, their Bear Shirt, a mystically believed-in totem that lacked the power to reverse their onrushing decline, no matter what the shamans claimed.

    Lots of comments at the link, too.

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