Clayton, NY— I’m here dropping a load of Pepsi products, and will run to Rochester, grab another trailer and run it to Monroe Township,NJ before I call it a day. It’s been raining since I left on Sunday night, non-stop. I hear by way of Billy Beck that they’re sandbagging the hospital in Binghamton. I-88 is closed at some point for mudslides. Etc, Etc. Yikes.

  • Glenn Nails It: So to speak.

    ADVICE FOR GUN-CONTROLLERS: Tip of the Day: A Gun is Not a Penis. And frankly, if you’re constantly confusing the two it makes your enthusiasm for banning guns look a little . . . Freudian.

    And isn’t the “Penis replacement” business the taunt we’ve been hearing for years and years from these morons? I’ll tell you the truth… this goes directly to the argument that the left is trying to make America more effeminate. Do the math for yourself.

  • The CEOs want ‘compromise’ myth: You’re about to hear from the White House about how 100 CEO’s are pushing for compromise, and working together. The list of CEO’s the White House is touting, is the CEO of Starbucks. Of course nobody mentions that the list of CEOs involved are all staunch liberals.  What do CEO’s not in on the White House scam think? They say to Obama: Get out of the way. Doesn’t sound much like compromise, does it?
  • Walter Russel Mead is wrong for a change:

    “As green leaders choke on their locally sourced, organic heirloom vegetables in impotent rage and ponder writing really, really angry letters to NPR, it is interesting to reflect on the political dead end into which they have been driven. Two years ago they thought they were on the verge of sweeping global climate treaty that would enshrine their pet climate change remedies into international law. Wrong: the treaty process collapsed of its own weight into the most embarrassing international fiasco since the Kellogg Briand Pact outlawed war. . . . The United States and the world need a strong and intelligent environmental movement. We won’t get one until and unless the press stops flattering and indulging the pack of incompetents who currently lead it.”

    Um, no, Walter… the “environmental movement” is based upon lie after lie. As with Obama, this is not a case of incompetence, but of outright lies, baked with both a degree of talent for them, and intent. This has been proven beyond any doubt, and it’s time we dismissed the “movement” as the outright fraud it is. Now,

  • Speaking of Obama and Lying: He’s been caught in a big one… and by the left of center WaPo. Tell ya what, Gang… let’s say Obama makes news when he tells the truth, all right? That would be worth headlines. And far more rare.
  • Union Thuggery part II: I know I mentioned this yesterday, but I have one thing to add to it. I mentioned that Obama never denounced Hoffa for his call for violence. The White House claims Obama never heard Hoffa’s comments. Pretty much like he never heard the racism of Jeremiah Wright, huh? But let’s go one step farther.  Does anyone recall the rethoric coming form the left after the Gabby Giffords shooting?  An example, courtesy of USA Today:

    “You can’t say they’re just words; they have consequences,” said South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, a member of the Democratic leadership. He said he worries about the effect of words on “people who may not be clicking on all cylinders.”

    And that of course was the tamest version of that non-thought I could find. So if that logic applies to conservatives, why not to liberals? Why should the left not be held to the same standard they themselves set in that and so many other cases? Limbaugh, in noting this, today, also says on air today:

    Then Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director, said that Obama was not gonna be “the speech police for the Democrat Party.” He’s only too happy to be the speech police for everybody else, but he’s not gonna be the speech police for the Republican Party. I mean, here’s Obama — what was it, just nine months ago? — he goes out and delivers that great “civility” speech at the event in Tucson after the shooting of Gabby Giffords. We’ve gotta make everybody proud of us by the way we talk to each other and so forth? Meanwhile, since then, we’ve been called “terrorists,” “sons-of-bitches,” and we’ve accused of holding the nation “hostage.” The list of names that we have been called — “racists” — and the things that have been said to characterize us is longer than I can recall.So Obama’s gonna give his joint session speech to Congress tomorrow night. I would think Obama would be afraid. There are a lot of terrorists, hostage takers, sons-of-bitches and “barbarians at the gate” in the audience. That’s who he’s gonna be speaking to. We’ve been told we can “go to hell” by Maxine Waters — and still, in the midst of all this, we still have people on our side saying (mumbling), “Oh, be very careful! You’re gonna send the independents running right back to the Democrats. They don’t like all this harsh rhetoric. The independents don’t like all this partisanship, the independents don’t like all this hard, heavy, insulting talk.”

    Right. So we offer up a legitimate critique or criticism of Obama, and our side tells us, “Shhh! You better not talk that way! The independents are gonna go running right to the Democrats.” Oh, the guys that are talking about racism and hostage takers and sons-of-bitches and telling us to go to hell and so forth, that’s who the independents are gonna go to?

    Well, exactly.

    And as a side note, there’s a lesson here about kow towing to the supposed moderates; If moderation is so precious to the independents why are Obama’s numbers so low among them today? Further, would Obama, unquestionably the most radical leftist the White House has ever seen, even be in office? He’d not have had independent support enough to gain office. Who was go-along-to-get-along in the last election if not John McCain? Do we really need to remind anyone how that went?

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2 Responses to “The Ramble for 9.7.11”

  1. Clayton, NY? Wow! You were way far north, and you would have had to drive right past our exit on your way home. I hope you made it home alright. This was definitely not a good week to be traveling. 

  2. Weird day or travel, certainly, but… Shrug