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Obama Does Not Just Hate Women

:Jill may be missing the forest for the tree, Pundit & Pundette [1]

Obama’s hostility not confined to women in the White House

In his new book about the inner workings of the Obama White House, author Ron Suskind quotes insiders who accuse President Obama of being “hostile to women”:

If you had to go home to Moochelle every night, you would be bitter too.

Jill is missing the point. It not that Dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama is bitter towards women. He man is just plain bitter. He refers to his political opponents as enemies. Has worked to eliminate American jobs and the State of Israel. Has rallied against thowe bitter clingers, who cling to there guns and religion, Palled around with domestic terrorists and attended Jemimah Wright church for twenty years.

Aside from himself, you would be hard pressed to find anybody or anything Obama does like.