DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleThe lame streamers said a lot  about Barack Obama in the Aught Eight campaign.   Was any of it true?   From Rosslyn Smith  American Thinker:

If anything, Obama’s situation is almost the opposite of Truman’s. Obama has long dwelt inside the cocoon of Ivy League-educated experts bereft of common sense, and if anything, he has been massively overexposed in the media. Since 2004, the press has been extolling Obama’s intelligence, wisdom, and first-rate temperament at every opportunity. Many voters took Obama at the media’s estimation of his skills in 2008. The record increasingly suggests that in fact, Obama possess none of these traits. The patented Obama partisan speech with its straw men, false choices, blame-shifting, and self-aggrandizement in the very heart of representative democracy is likely to only make more people realize what a terrible mistake they made in

More from Jill, Pundit & Pundette:

Perhaps there’s something wrong with the president’s wiring. Look at what makes him angry. Jim Geraghty:

Yup. That’s what gets the president outraged. Not the “Fast and Furious” scandal, not Bashir Assad continuing to mow down people in Syria, not the number of Americans on food stamps, not the Gibson guitar raid, not waste in the stimulus bill, not the loss of $500 million or so in that Solyndra… no, having to compromise on speech timing is what really grinds his gears.

That first-class temperament is a gift that keeps on giving, no?

My belief is that Dim Won, a/k/a Dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama is dumb and lazy. For years he was told that merely showing up was good enough. Dim Won was never forced to hone his arguments for a critical audience.

And more from Donald Lambro, Washington Times:

Making Mr. Obama the investor-in-chief, deciding how and where the nation’s capital resources should be spent, hasn’t worked and isn’t going to work. Ask Japan, which has gone on a public-works spending binge though its economy has been in a slump for two decades.

Mr. Obama is driven by his ideology and not by common sense.

Taking it to the Congressional Black Caucus, video:

Hat tip and more video, Nice Deb.

More stupid media, Alex Alvarez, Mediaite

Hide your kids! You may have already heard that Chaz Bono, the transgendered former daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono who recently and very publicly underwent gender reassignment surgery, is going to be a contestant on ABC’s extremely popular Dancing with the Stars, where he’ll be competing with a female dance partner. And some people are pissed.

Sex change is impossible.

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