–Schenectady,NY– I’m at a warehouse unloading a truckload of rice. A load of pepsi from the plant near here to a warehouse down on the southern border of NY state, and then home.


  • What business folks think our prospects are with Obama: Remember we were told that we had to avoid default, because among other evils, the market would fall like a stone if we didn’t? Well, what happened, once the “deal” was done? The market went off around 500 points.  That’s around 5% of it’s total value. As of right now, what little gains we’ve made (Remember the administration touting them as being so earthshaking?) for the year are now gone.  Nice to see Limbaugh now agrees with what I said days ago:

    The Republicans are acting in total fear, “We can’t default, we will be blamed for it, the stock market will plummet, oh, my God, oh, my God.” Well, we got the deal, most Americans disapprove of the deal and the stock market’s plummeting. We may as well default. It’s going to happen at some point down the road.

    I judge that we will not see default as such. As I suggested the other day however, we will see the government printing money. And you know what that means. Inflation. Have you looked at the price of gold of late? Welcome to hope and change, folks. ANd I toss the Bush graphic in not because I was an avid supporter of Bush, but to demonstrate how much worse Obama is.

  • OBAMA HASN’T A CLUE WHAT TO DO:  As if we needed this to come to that conclusion.
  • MORON:  I see Ezra Klein still trying to put a good face on Obama’s failures. It’s not working, though, and Klein makes himself out more of a fool than I thought him. What he misses, and I think intentionally so, is that the world economy has always been driven by the Economy of the United States… in both directions. Shut up, Ezra.

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