Queens, NY– Yes, I’m in the city. Some flooding, mostly in Jersey, and a number of trees down, again in Jersey, mostly.  I came in at 1am, so you can imagine that traffic was better than usual. I’m not looking forward to trying to drive out of here, but… at least I got in without incident.


Here in tosn, the air is one of a huge party last night, that nobody will admit to. In the end, yes, there’s a number of issues still to be worked out, and there’s a few people who were injured or died as a result of the storm….but it seems to me as a whole, the storm and it’s problems were somewhat less than advertised.

  • Was all this noise from gov’t about Irene, Prudent?
    Yes, perhaps, but one gets the feeling that they’ve been so overly dramatic for their own political purposes.  Let’s face it, there’s not a damn thing government at any level can do about the weather.  So all the noise being made by government about what they’re doing is all so much salesmanship… and notice that the loudest “look at the good your government is doing” noise is coming from places run by Democrats. And what is Obama’s message? Listen to the government officials. Gee. I dunno about you, but I think Ron Paul, as David noted, has a point. I too, am no fan of Paul… but it seemed to me over the weekend on several occasions that what we saw from government was a reinforcement of governmental authority and dependency. Of course, long time readers will understand quite well I do not consider that a good thing.
  • Republicans caused the earthquake and the hurricane? We actually have lefty morons making both claims.  I look at this as part and parcel of the Democrats in the affected areas making so much noise over the good they’re doing.
  • About that Obama trip to Africa…  Apparently there’s a lawsuit about the costs involved.  Good.
  • Gibson Guitars CEO speaks out. Very illuminating explanation of the DOJ morons behind the raid. Now, am I the only one to note that Gibson donates mostly to GOP candidates? Yeah, I’m sure there’s no connection there at all, huh?
  • Without Proof: The Unpersuasive Case Against Voter Identification.
  • David Axelrod’s Liberal Instanity: According to this moron,  to create jobs we need to do more of what has never worked.
  • Speaking of Insanity: With Obama on his permanent golfing vacation, the White House has asked Biden to speak on the economy. Predictably, he plays the lefty line, as Axlerod did above. Want a reason to keep Obama in office till the end of his term? Here you go.
  • TAXES and Hypocrisy Obama fave Warren Buffett’s company isn’t paying it’s taxes in full, in spite of his public asking to be taxed more. Buffet now hires attorneys to get his tax bills lowered – Hypocrite? You betcha. Hey, Buffet…. do you really figure we’re that stupid? If you really think you should be paying more,why not do so… without the force of law… just send them the three billion you put in at BOA….and why fight your taxes in the courts?
  • The Race Card: You know the emperor… liberalism… and Global Warming’s myths in particular… have no clothes when they start playing the race card. They have no facts,a nd have nothing left with which to push their agenda. They’re done… and this is a solid sign that they know it.
  • The American People Know They’ve Been Had: Obama’s approval ratings continue to set new, record setting lows.By way of Glenn:

    SALENA ZITO: Battleground States Of Resentment: “Whether it is called General Lee Highway, as in Virginia, or Molly Pitcher Highway, as in Pennsylvania, the lives and economic strain along U.S. Route 11 tell of a country’s disappointment with Washington – specifically, with President Obama. . . . Not so long ago, populist-Democrat rhetoric was popular here and farther up the road, in West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Americans along such roads all across the country are struggling economically. They are consumed with uncertainty. And they have tuned-out the president.”

    Plus this: “Obama took to pointing fingers when his poll numbers started to slip last fall. So far, he has blamed the stagnant economy on ATMs, ditches, Slurpees, corporate-jet owners, the Tea Party, Republicans, Japan’s earthquake, the Arab Spring, the Arab Summer, George Bush, and ‘fat-cat’ Wall Street something-or-others. The kitchen sink may be next. His numbers are tumbling in the critical battleground states of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire – states he must win in 2012.”

    Is there anyone left who really thinks Obama will be re-elected? They need watching.

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