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The Ramble for 8/22/11

Middle Village, NY–

Middle Village, NYC, NY

I’m in  New York City dropping a load of drinks. I came in early this morning,  from outside Scranton, PA, and will leave noonish for who knows where.

My truck is  fixed now, so I returned the one I picked up last week.

Truck 259, what I was driving for a few days.

Here’s a pic of it.

It’s the same type pretty much as my own, with a few things lacking in the options department.  It’s got a mid-size Cat engine and a super-shifter ten speed tranny.

Not my favorite combo, but I must admit that once you get it rolling, it pulls very well indeed. Also, I think my own truck looks a bit nicer.

Apparently, the issue with my truck involved a leaking intercooler. Those who know about Turbochargers will know that this explains the black smoke I’d been getting under full power, and why it’s a bit weaker than it should be. I won’t deny I’m quite happy to get my own truck back.