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The Ramble for 8-17-11

Wilton, NY- I’m here at a distribution center.  Actually, I wasn’t at the site for very long; I did what they call a “drop and hook”. Meaning, I dropped the trailer with a load and grabbed an empty trailer that one of the other drivers for my company dropped earlier. The advantage to this is that I get to keep rolling, and the dock workers can pretty much unload stuff at their leisure. The disadvantage, of course is the need for several more trailers. That’s an expensive proposition. But when you do a lot of loads to a particular place, it’s in the best interests of the trucking firm to have such a supply of empty trailers spread through the system.

After all the rain we caught the last week, the sun has come out, here. It’s fairly warm, and the sky is a nice blue with some puffy clouds. A great day for a drive.

Looking around: