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Dumbo’s record, if the media had spent half much time and energy examining Dumbo’s b/k/a Barack Obama, record,they could not have missed the fact that the man is flat out lazy, from Tony Katz, Pajamas Media:

I have been talking for months now that Obama’s problem with being President is that the job involves work. President Obama has never done work before – he is not a capitalist. The capitalist accepts that a job has work attached to it, and that work gets measured – either you succeeded in your work, or you failed. Obama has never had his work measured, and therefore becomes extremely agitated when people question his work, disagree with his answers or, in the case of groups like the Tea Party, actively work to undo his work – like Obamacare.

Is Dumbo dumb and lazy,or just lazy?

Dumbo could come up with a new, specific plan to revive his moribund economy, but that might entail cutting short his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, from E.J. Dione, RCP:

WASHINGTON — President Obama has only one option as he ponders a world economy teetering on the edge: He needs to go big, go long and go global.

Obama should not be constrained by what the tea party might allow subservient Republican leaders in Congress to do. He should state plainly, eloquently and in detail what he thinks needs to be happen. Neither history nor the voters will be kind to him if he lets caution and political calculation get in the way.

Not bloody likely, from Philip Klein, Washington Examiner:

Last Monday, President Obama made news by promising to give a speech in September detailing, “a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs and to control our deficit.”

But has that “very specific plan” already been downgraded to an outline?

That is, at least, the impression I got watching Obama advisors Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod on yesterday’s Sunday morning shows.

The president is going to outline a short-term plan to accelerate the economy,” Axelrod said on ABC’s This Week, “in the face of the hits we’ve taken, because of the Arab Spring and oil prices, because of the Japanese earthquake, because of Europe that have slowed down economic growth.

If all Dumbo can produce is tired old outline, why is he even bothering to give a speech?  Give the Postal Service some business, write the plan on the back of postcard and drop it in the mail

While Dumbo dithers, the black population continues to suffer, from Star Parker,  Townhall:

Election of our nation’s first black president is delivering an unexpected message to our black population.

Blacks are discovering that what a man or woman does — their actions — is what matters, not the color of their skin.

It seems ridiculous to point out that this was supposedly the point of the civil rights movement. Purge racism from America.


Maybe blacks will realize that they should blame Barack Obama. Not because he is black, but because he is a liberal. And because he has grown government to the point where the oxygen necessary for freedom and prosperity is being squeezed out of our nation.

Dumbo is both dumb and lazy.   He feel confident that black will overwhelmingly vote for him.  So has little need to court their vote or fix their problems.   Black politicians like Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters and Jesse Jackson iive high on the hog.  The status quo works for them.

This Jon will not Hunt, from Alexander Burns,Politico:

Jon Huntsman’s appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” is winning applause from one of the two major political parties. It’s not the one Huntsman’s hoping to represent as its nominee for president.

The Democratic National Committee just blasted out a greatest-hits reel from Huntsman’s Sunday show appearance, wherein the former Utah governor criticized Rick Perry for being anti-science, Michele Bachmann for being unserious about the economy and Mitt Romney for being a flip-flopper.

For just what Jon Huntsman is running frankly eludes me.   He certainly not pursuing any path to ever secures a republican nomination for anything.   Is Huntsman trying to get a cabinet position?  If so, only in a democrat administration

More,  fromJack Kelly on the Gorebots, which include Huntsman, via RCP:

Mr. Gore’s alarmist predictions have proved false. Polar ice caps are larger. So is the polar bear population (and the scientist upon whom Mr. Gore relied for his claim that the polar bear is endangered is facing accusations of scientific misconduct). The rise in sea levels — which has been going on since the end of the last ice age — is slowing down.

Mr. Huntsman, it is impossible to both be serious and to take Algore rantings as serious.  Mr. Huntsman, end your misery and re-register as a democrat.

More Huntsman, from Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary

Jon Huntsman entered the Republican presidential race claiming to be the champion of the party’s moderate-conservative wing. But, despite the applause of some elite figures like George Will and flattering press coverage from liberal media such as the New York Times and, more recently, Vogue, the main focus of Huntsman’s campaign has been his animus for virtually everyone else in his party.

The former Utah governor and Obama administration ambassador to China has been reluctant to criticize the Democratic incumbent too harshly, but it has been readily apparent the people he really doesn’t like are his GOP rivals

But Huntsman does have a party, the party to which he is loyal and from whom is parrots her talking points, to wit the democrat party.

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