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Obama’s speech, or lack thereof, reax from Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post:

He did say one indisputably true thing: The downgrade was more a comment on our political dysfunction than on our ability to repay our debts. That is the dysfunction that he has presided over. That is the paralysis he perpetuated by insisting for months on tax increases. He was describing his own disastrous tenure as president.

This illuminated Obama’s predicament — devoid of ideas, bitter about political opposition and completely in over his head. If the election were held today, I bet he’d lose. By a lot.

Had Dirty Harry Reid’s democrats in the Senate passed, and Obama signed into law, Cut, Cap and Balance,   Dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama, would not have have been the first president in our history to see our nations credit rating down graded.

Blacks discovered they bet on the wrong horse. Incompetence is color blind, and a dying economy generates no jobs, from Ylan Q. Mui, Washington Post:

Black lawmakers are embarking on a monthlong campaign Monday to address the staggering unemployment rate among African Americans, an issue that has become a growing source of tension between members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Obama administration.

Lawmakers have met with the administration three times this year seeking support for programs that specifically address the black community, but President Obama has not backed their proposals. The caucus chairman last week slammed the deal negotiated by the administration to raise the national debt ceiling and cut government spending as a “Satan sandwich” that unfairly harms African Americans


To be sure, the brunt of black lawmakers’ frustrations are aimed at Republicans, whom they blame for blocking more than 40 bills intended to create jobs for African Americans since the party swept the House of Representatives a year ago. But they have also grown frustrated with Obama’s belief that the best way to help black communities is to improve the overall economy.

I am amused that the article alleges that Dumbo believes that job growth is best achieved by growing the overall economy.    I accept the belief as valid idea.  I do question that Dumbo actually believes it.   For Obama has shown no inclination to grown that economy.   Rather his actions, be they enactment of Obama Care, burdensome EPA regulation or the war domestic energy production have all had the effect of discouraging economic growth.   Then it not as if Obama actually has any understanding of, or interest in, economics.

Dumbo’s birthday present:

Barack Obama bambday

An amusing idea, from Glenn Reynolds, Washington Examiner:

Well, the debt deal is behind us, but it’s clear that the White House wants more taxes. Instead of fighting this head-on, the GOP might want to think about future ways of giving President Obama what he says he wants. Done properly, it just might be what academics like Obama call a “teachable moment.”


Were I a Republican senator or representative, I would be agitating to repeal the “Eisenhower tax cut” on the movie industry and restore the excise tax. I think I would also look at imposing similar taxes on sales of DVDs, pay-per-view movies, CDs, downloadable music, and related products.

Amusing!   I am not sure I like the idea.   However,  Dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama, is fond of class warfare, demonetization, and using the law, in the case the tax code, to punish your political enemies.    It would be fun to see Dumbo’s favorite weapon turned against one Obama staunchest allies.     What ever you tax, you get less of.    So I would propose dropping Obama Care’s punitive tax on medical devices, of which we need more, not less, with a tax on Hollywood drivel, of which we could use less, not more.    Of course, I’d exempt classic black and white over fifty years old like Casablanca and Stagecoach.    After all, it is only fair.

Does Megyn Kelly have her priorities right. First roll the tape, video:

Kelly has spunk and I like spunk. Her hairdo not so much. However two voices question Kelly’s priorities. First up, Iina Korbe, Hot Air:

I’m just disappointed for Kelly’s sake that she had to return so soon. She says she’s not the sort of mother to be effective as a stay-at-home mom (“I’d worry that I’d get stale because I’d be missing my old life”), but I can’t help feeling at least a little bit that America’s gain is Yates’, Yardley’s and Kelly’s loss

And next Jill, Pundit % Pundette:

I like Megyn Kelly, too, but since she raised the issue, let’s flip the situation around and look at it from the kids’ point of view. Is it likely that having their mother home full time would “get stale” for them? Has her return to full-time work caused them to miss their “old lives”?

I do challenge Kelly’s assertion that she and all mothers are somehow entitled to paid maternity leave.   Kelly’s pregnancy was solely her choice,and her responsibility.

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