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Dirty Harry Reid calls ‘pubs hostage takers, from John,  Verum Serum:

Over at the Daily Caller, C.J. Ciaramella has a story about a testy press conference held yesterday by senior Democrats. The ostensible issue for the presser was the FAA shutdown, but during the 30 minute appearance, which included Sen. Reid, Sen. Schumer, Rep. Hoyer, Sen. Rockefeller and Sen. Boxer, it became apparent the real issue was pushing a political meme, i.e. Republicans are hostage-takers. This became explicit during the Q&A.

Then pays ransom:

Harry’s bluff has been called. After this disastrous press conference yesterday, Sen. Reid has suddenly decided to pass a short term extension which was already on offer. Coincidence?

How in the heck are the ‘rats ever going to defend out nation from a hostile enemy, it they cower  in front of little old ladies with placards?

Are mere tools racist, from  John T. Bennett, American Thinker:

Guns are responsible for violence in the same way that pencils are responsible for bad test scores.  Those of us who embrace the notions of character and accountability would say that the person himself is responsible for how he uses his gun.  If an individual or group tends to use guns in a murderous manner, then we point to defects in character and hold those individuals or groups fully accountability for their actions.

However, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has a different idea: he recently asked a church to consider “federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms into our urban centers, across this country, that are killing black and brown children.”  So laws should be blamed, to some significant degree, for minority violence.  This may come as a surprise to those with a more traditional view of free will and human dignity.

Notice in Mayor Emanuel ‘s gun free paradise real human beings with the right to vote are deemed not to be responsible.   Whereas mere inanimate objects such as guns are deemed responsible.

The City of Angels must be remarkably crime free, from Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office:

LOS ANGELES – A Ventura County farmer, one of her employees and the owner of an unlicensed Venice market were arrested today on criminal conspiracy charges stemming from the alleged illegal production and sale of unpasteurized goat milk, goat cheese and other products.

It is now a fracking federal offense to sell milk in Loa Angeles.

More,  Reason.TV.

I mean the LA law enforcement establishment has nothing better to do that persecute private food vendors.    Look this is simple, if you don’t like unpastuerized goat cheese, don’t eat it.

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