Port Chester, NY– I’m north of New York City, making a very early AM delivery. from here, I’ll drop down into Jersey to make a pickup.

  • OBAMA OUT OF CLICHES:  When even the increasingly left-leaning POLITICO takes notice, you know Obama’s got a serious problem. Well, if you’re payong attention, at least. Obama is so busy coughing up the tired cliche, and bitching that the Republicans aren’t agreeing with his plans, that he himself apparently hasn’t noticed he’s not offered anything to agree to.  OK, I’m kidding. He knows it very well. But here’s the reason he’s not offering a plan… he doesn’t want to take responsibility for raising taxes the debt ceiling, etc, etc. Oh, and just so we’re clear, even the New York Times is admitting it’s the Democrats who are blocking a deal. The tactic is frighteningly clear; calling for us all to come together, and calling the majority of the American people stubborn radicals, extremists, etc.  The Huff and Puff, doing it’s normal Obama Butt Kiss number called such people “terrorists”, and then removed the line.
  • TAX INCREASES? One point that’s slipped by a lot of folks the last day or two…. the only one still talking about tax increases is Obama himself. And he’s till “refusing to bore us” with what spending he would cut.
  • QUESTION OF THE DAY: So why is it OK when Dems won’t compromise?
  • WINEHOUSE, ET AL, and the GROUP OF 27: Interesting, who died when…. RIP Amy Winehouse, 27; Jimi Hendrix, 27; Jim Morrison, 27; Janis Joplin, 27; Brian Jones, 27; Kurt Cobain, 27  and so on and so on. Look, Winehouse could sing when she wasn’t blasted out of her mind, which was usually. But was there anyone who couldn’t see this trainwreck coming? Did she actually ahve anyone who wanted to save her life?
  • OSLO:When Muslim zealots kill, Muslims celebrate and conservative Christians are angry. Leftists spend most of their time trying to disassociate the religion and the attached culture, from the killer.  When Christian zealots kill, leftists tend to gloat, and go to some lengths to attach the religion and traditional American culture to the killer. Funny old world, isn’t it?

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