(Rochester, NY)– I’m home as this is written, and will be heading for York,PA in a coup0le hours, then to Schenectady New York. about 500 miles worth of driving, but a fairly easy lope, all considered. 

  • Thoughts on July 4th: Jeff Jacoby, who I all too rarely link, here, has some excellent thoughts for this July 4th season:

    If Nature and Nature’s God intended human beings to be free and equal, then the only legitimate government must be self-government. For if none of us is naturally subordinate or superior to anyone else, no one has the right to rule us without first obtaining our approval. Political power, Locke had written, stems “only from compact and agreement, and the mutual consent of those who make up the community.”

    The Declaration of Independence emphasized the point. Not only are all persons endowed by nature with the unalienable rights of equality and freedom, it avowed, but “to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

    No lawful government without consent and self-rule: It was an extraordinary doctrine for its time. . . . July 4 marks more than American independence. It commemorates the great political ideals, rooted in faith and philosophy, that vindicated that independence – and that thereby transformed the world.

    So, what exactly, then, did Obama’s change bring us, but further away from that doctrine and more toward that of Marx? Scott Johnson has some thoughts as well.

  • NOW WE SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERRENTIN THE SYSTEM: When Democrats control the system, at least.

    “Leon Panetta has been brought in to oversee significant cuts to the U.S. Defense budget. Meanwhile, we’re in six wars. . . .  But it’s shocking that we’re in half a dozen kinetic military operations and your average American would be doing well to name three.  Something’s not quite democratic about that.”

    That depends, James…. small D, prolly true. Big D? Well, that’s very much like them. And let’s remember, James, Obama railed against Bush for getting us involved in wars, right?   And isn’t it interesting that the only cuts the democrats are even considering , as during the Carter years, are strictly limited to the military.?  the really annoying part is, that even some who consider themselves conservative, haven’t noticed that point.

  • HOUSING AFFORDABILITY: Forgive me, but something seems missing here. Granted that has suggested the price on housing has gone down rather significantly.  But that’s only half the story of affordability.  I don’t care if it drops down to 30¢ per house , if I haven’t got the 30¢ it’s still not affordable.  That, alas, is precisely the situation that our economy finds itself in.
  • New York Rider Dies Protesting Motorcycle Helmet Law: Doctor Darwin, call your office.

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