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Making Dumbo and the ‘rats pay the price for throwing Granny under the bus, from Mark Tapscott,Washington Examiner:

So when Obama threatens not to pay Social Security checks on time, the proper response of congressional Republicans should be to pass emergency legislation directing the Secretary of the Treasury to pay interest on the national debt, Social Security and Medicare, active-duty members of the military and government bond-holders before any other government bills are paid.

Of course, the Senate Democratic majority won’t go along with this and even if it did, Obama would veto such legislation if it reached his desk. But that’s exactly the point – Make congressional Democrats and Obama explicitly choose not to pay Social Security, et. al. so that the responsibility for that decision is clear

Jenifer Rubin

Tell me again about Dumbo’s world class temperament. from Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post:

During the 2008 campaign Obama-spinners and nearly the entire press corps (I repeat myself) bandied about the notion that what the candidate lacked in experience (none when it came to running anything other than the Harvard Law Review) he made up in superior temperament. He was cool, calm, unflappable — a sort of Mr. Spock who put rationality above emotion. Has there ever been a worst case of false advertising?


Obama, as we saw in the health-care forum when Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) took on the specifics of his health-care plan, isn’t all that comfortable or effective in unscripted moments when forced to argue on the merits. He resorts to name-calling (“the election is over”). And he insists on saying things that just aren’t so (e.g. you can keep your health-care plan under Obamacare). That’s been his style from the time he started campaigning (“you’re likable enough, Hillary”) up to the present. It’s not pretty to watch, and it certainly doesn’t live up to his billing as a man more heroic and honest than us mere mortals.

Were the lame streams ignorant of Dumbo’s peevish nature, or did they just lie about i?

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