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Obama is choking business, from an interview with Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, from Investor’s Business Daily:

IBD: If you could sit down with Obama and talk to him about job creation, what would you say?

Marcus: I’m not sure Obama would understand anything that I’d say, because he’s never really worked a day outside the political or legal area. He doesn’t know how to make a payroll, he doesn’t understand the problems businesses face. I would try to explain that the plight of the busi nessman is very reactive to Washington. As Washington piles on regulations and mandates, the impact is tremendous. I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I just think he has no knowledge of this.

reax, Byran Preston, Pajamas Media:

Bingo! Marcus’ comments dovetail with the Heritage report we blogged yesterday, which shows that the recovery got nipped in the bud by the passage of ObamaCare. Marcus is the second CEO to come forward this week, following casino CEO Steve Wynn. Wynn added that business leaders fear reprisals for speaking out, and why wouldn’t they. From the auto dealership seizures to the NLRB’s case against Boeing to the EPA’s assault on Texas energy producers, this administration has all but declared war on American business. Well, not all American businesses. The Obama administration is still chummy with the auto manufacturers it bailed out, and GE. But it seems that everyone else fears finding themselves in the administration’s crosshairs.

More reax,from Bruce McQuain, Questions and Observations:

One can only wish Contessa Brewer was around to ask about economic degrees. Marcus is right about Obama’s lack of knowledge. He’s surrounded by a lack of knowledge in this area if his policies are any indication. As has been pointed out repeatedly, a president who was really concerned about jobs would be green lighting oil and gas exploration as fast as he could make it happen. And he’s certainly made speeches about doing just that, but as usual, his actions betray his words

Hmnn, from Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

American Airlines placed what it called the largest aircraft order in history Wednesday: 460 re-engined small airliners from Airbus and Boeing, which previously had been leaning toward replacing its 737, rather than outfitting it with new, more efficient engines.

American now flies all Boeing jets, making the order a hit for the U.S. airplane maker, particularly given that the airline opted for more Airbus aircraft.

American has not bought a foreign airliner in over thirty years.   Now the bulk of their buy goes to Europe.   Suspect a link between Dumbo’s war on business in general and his war on Boeing in particular?  I do.

Dumbo, a/k/a Barack Obama, is a student of Saul Allinsky and not Milton Friedman.

PMSNBC to hire criminal sleazeball as anchor, from Brian Stelter, New York Slimes:

After giving a nearly six-month tryout for the Internet talk show host Cenk Uygur, the cable news channel MSNBC is preparing to instead hand its 6 p.m. time slot to the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Mr. Sharpton’s imminent hiring, which was acknowledged by three people at the channel on condition of anonymity because the contract had not been signed, is significant in part because MSNBC and other news channels have been criticized for a paucity of minority hosts in prominent time slots. Mr. Sharpton, who is black and is a well-known civil rights activist and radio host, has been guest hosting in the 6 p.m. time slot for the last three weeks.

Howsomever, Professor Jacobson, seems to endorse the move, from Legal Insurrection:

Let’s see.  Jew-baiter, unrepentant fraudster, tax delinquent, former Democratic National Convention speaker and presidential candidate.

Yup, he’ll fit right in.

More reax, from Hypervocal:

The hiring of Sharpton as a high-profile anchor is yet another signal that MSNBC is more interested in being the Fox News counterpoint than they are about being a journalistic endeavor. Sharpton is nothing if not a demagogue. He’s the quintessential definition of what a demagogue is, for good or bad.

Daily Caller goes stupid, link:

Consumer advocate and perennial independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader isn’t pleased with President Obama’s decision to appoint Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

A consumer advocate would advocate for giving more power and more choice to consumers.   Nader only advocates for those choice of which he personally approves.

Ann Althouse just might not be a redneck, from Althouse:

Drinks served in mason jars…

Just when I  was warming to the professor.  Is there no civilization in Madison?

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