Piscataway, NJ– Grabbing a load for May’s Landing. From here back up to NY state. Still hot, but a clear and beautiful looking day.

  • REPEATING HISTORY: FDR’s policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate. Any more questions about why we’re still in a fiscal problem, folks?
  • BARRY PICKS UP HIS MARBLES AND GOES HOME:  Stormed out of the budget meeting, as David noted earlier today. Apparently, Republicans are standing firm, in spite of McConnell. And what’s with this?

    Don’t call my bluff, I am not afraid to veto and I will take it to the American people.

    Oh, please. Call his bluff, guys, he’s got nothing and everyone knows it. The polling is running two to one against raising the debt ceiling as I said yesterday.

    “This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this”

    Fact is, Barry, you’re already done… Your presidency is already over. That ship sailed months ago. This is you desperately trying to regain the high ground in the minds of the voters, here… and… read the polls, Barry… it’s not working. You own this fiasco, Barry… it’s all on you. No wonder you’re frustrated.

  • GO BACK TO SLEEP, RUDY: Rudy tells us he’ll run for president if no other Republican can beat Obama. What courage to make such a statement. Of course here’s a message Rudy may not have gotten: The polls are suggesting about anyone can beat Obama at this point…. except maybe, Rudy.
  • SOCIALIST SECURITY: Investors Business Daily extends my point of the other day’s Ramble:

    In trying to score political points against the GOP by warning that retirement checks were in jeopardy if the debt ceiling isn’t raised, President Obama exposed the fraud at the heart of Social Security. . . . Obama beat everyone, however, with his scaremongering claim that Social Security checks are at risk if he doesn’t get his way on the debt ceiling. “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on Aug. 3 if we haven’t resolved this issue,” he told CBS News, “because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.”Wait! What happened to Social Security’s “guarantee”? You know, the iron-clad assurance of Social Security benefits in exchange for paying into the program your whole working life? It’s something Democrats constantly talk about, particularly when attacking Republicans who propose privatizing the program.

    See, here’s the problem; Get such things out of he hands of government, and the problem of being held hostage for anyone’s agenda goes away. But for the meanwhile, the lie has been exposed again…. Social Security is not solvent because the federal government has already spent the money.

    But here’s the thing; It got exposed because Obama tried creating a crisis he could exploit to further his plans to grow government…. and it backfired.


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