(Newburgh, NY–) I’m off Interstate 84 at Exit 5 tonight, at the TA in Newburgh, NY. It’s been a long day and I’m feeling tired but with the feeling I have accomplished something for the day.

I’ve showered…. always a plus on a hot day…. and I’m now cooking some dinner.Some rice, some Brocolli, and some smoked Sausage in honor of Andrew Brietbart.

Before I dive into the particulars, I do want so suggest that the press would have handled the whole thing rather differently, were the congressman a Republican. Say, Tom Foley. I mean, OK, it’s an obvious point, but that it IS obvious is itself a sad statement.

  • Funny thing how the usual left-leaners are reacting to the burned Weiner. . One example, which I’ll link because his back links to other lefties are useful in demonstration my point. As an example, take Amanda Malcotte.  Does anyone on earth figure  she wouldn’t be screaming bloody murder if this scandal involved a Republican, or a tea partier? She’d not get a sentence out for the next several weeks that didn’t involve the phrase “Sexual harassment”. But because theguy is a Democrat, she’s all concerned about HIS sexual privacy. Is there a more glaring double standard? Oh… there’s Kos, of course, who, sayssays Jimm Treacher, is having his worst day since he heard the name “Ned Lamont”.
  • Goolsbee: He’s now gone. Richard Pollock says

    Last night’s abrupt resignation of President Obama’s top economic advisor was leaked as the country experienced the Weinergate maelstrom. While the country was gripped by the latest depravity committed by the elites who profess they know how to improve our country, it was easy to miss the announcement and its ramifications.

    The sudden announcement that the president’s remaining academic economist, Austan Goolsbee, was heading for the exits was a strong indication of our national economic crisis and the turmoil at the top: he resigned after only nine months at the helm. Goolsbee headed the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, Obama’s assembled “wise men.” Last night Goolsbee told his staff he will hang it up for good and return to the calm of university life.

    In the end, I see this as an admission of failure. But, I see his return to teaching his crud to be far more dangerous to America and the world than I do with him actually in charge, since the failures are easy to trace when he’s at the helm. When he’s teaching instead, the failures that occur are far harder to trace to the source: Liberalism.

    But yoou know, perhaps the reason he’s gone now, is because he dared to get something right. Observe his comments on CNN, a mere two days ago:

    Our effort now, as a government, should be to get the private sector to help them stand up and lead the recovery.  The government is not the central driver of recovery.

    The problem of course is that the only conclusion on how to do that… reducing government and the taxation that feeds it,  runs directly afoul of Obama’s call for “social Justice”. Obama brought this guy in to give Obama credibility, not to fix the problems. Goolsbee made the mistake of speaking the truth, and perhaps that’s why he’s now gone. The message from the White House seems to be “lockstep or die”.

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