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Ramble for 6/3/11


Parked at Middle Village,NYC

(Elmwood Park,NJ)– I’m at a paper company here picking up a load for Rochester, which will bring me home.  I was at Middle Village, NYC again this monring. Here’s a pic taken while I wanted for a dock to open up.

I’m really happy about how this thing drives. The new parts in the transmission have made a new truck out of the thing, and the engine was just rebuilt last year… essentially I have a new truck.  And a bt of a hot rod, at that. It’s a fun drive, and one I’ve come to really enjoy.

I’m starting to get compliments from other drivers on the road about how it looks, which is always a kick. The inside is getting to the point where I can show it to you, and I’ll do that next week, I think, for those asking. Let’s take a look around, shall we?