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Jon Huntsman, stalking horse, Jennifer Rubin explains why the newly launched Jon Huntsman campaign so  hyped by the media, and so dead in the water, from Washington Post:

From the mainstream media’s standpoint, he is the McCain 1980. He’s a “good Republican” — not too conservative, not too loyal to his party and infatuated (at least he was) with cap-and-trade. And unlike McCain, he’s running to the incumbent president’s left on foreign policy. So it’s not surprising he is lavished with praise. A political reporter asked me the other day, “Don’t you think Huntsman will eat Bachmann’s lunch?” Umm. No. But the total ignorance about the conservative movement is telling and will infuse the mainstream coverage of his race.

As does Michelle:

My syndicated column today dissects the media-manufactured candidacy of Jon Huntsman. While liberal reporters swoon, New Hampshire voters gave him thumbs down as he tried to gin up support yesterday. Here’s his pathetic explanation for calling Obama a “remarkable” leader. And via Allahpundit, check out the insipid, condescending Huntsman ad touting his “good,” “calm” demeanor. As opposed to the rest of us bad, angry conservatives who need to pipe down and get with the Obama/kumbaya program

And Roger Stone, Daily Caller:

One thing Donald Trump’s flirtation with a presidential bid showed us is that you have to take Obama on frontally to compete with him. The John McCain tactic of praising Obama as a great American and great senator “with whom I disagree” is a loser. You’ve got to call him out as what he is — a fraud and a disaster. He doesn’t understand economics, has no business or free-enterprise experience, and is spending billions in Libya and Afghanistan without having a goal other than re-election.

I’m not sure which Republican candidate can do this, but I know Jon Huntsman can’t

And  Michael Falcone ABC News:

It’s not that Huntsman isn’t throwing red meat to the base, he’s asking them to eat tofu. In just the past day, he’s advocated a bigger, faster draw down from Afghanistan than even the president wants and said he won’t attack President Obama directly. A staple of primary voters’ diets is a healthy serving of hard hitting rhetorical punches at your opponent, and according to Huntsman, they should be looking somewhere else for that

The Obami are the problem.  Not the solution.    Jon Huntsman was part of the Obami team.

Media versions of liberals, such as John McCain and now Huntsman lose every time.  Our country needs a leader who stand up and reverse the inane policies of Barack Obama, and not a stalking horse meekly endorses Obama.    If Huntsman lacks the fortitude to take on the nations  Number Won problem, to wit Barack Hussien Obama, he lacks the fortitude to be trusted to lead this country.  But you already knew that.

Who did not lack the fire in the belly and the intellectual heft to take to the ‘rats, the Gipper, Ronald Reagan, video:

Wal-Mart in a nutshell, from Walter Olson, Philadelphia Inquirer:

The message of this ruling is simple: Employees have to prove that they have been legally wronged, not just cash in because somebody else was.

More from New York Daily News:

[C]laimants presented personal stories from a total of three women who worked in a total of three stores plus disputed statistical evidence of widespread disparities plus the testimony of a supposed expert who said Walmart’s management style could have led to inequities in all of the company’s 3,400 individually managed stores.

Based on those flimsy contentions, a leap to certifying potential victimhood by a class of women equal to the population of Philadelphia was too great to make for a narrow court majority.

And well it should have been – especially when the proffered expert acknowledged that he could not hazard a guess as to whether less than 1% or as many as 95% of Walmart’s employment decisions might be infected by bias.

The plaintiffs lawyers had what three real defendants    They purported to represent what one and half million women.   If you believe that, you will believe that

Stink Progress:

This week, the Supreme Court dealt a blow to 1.5 million women by throwing out their charges of comprehensive gender discrimination by retail behemoth Walmart in a 5-4 decision

What one and half million defendants?   I guess being libtarded means you are
expected to count.


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