DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Very interesting, from Toby Harnden, Telegraph(UK):

Whether or not she[Sarah Palin] runs for the White House – and the solid consensus among Republican leaders is that she won’t – the scramble over the Palin emails confirms her status as a pivotal figure in the race to challenge President Barack Obama next year.

It comes at a moment when the battle for the Republican nomination appears set to be transformed by the late entry of Governor Rick Perry of Texas, a social conservative and Palin ally who could almost immediately leap to the front of a currently lacklustre field.

Sources close to Mr Perry have confirmed that he is “highly likely” to announce a presidential run in the coming days. Intriguingly, they have also hinted at a something they believe would increase immeasurably Mr Perry’s chances of winning the White House – an endorsement from Mrs Palin

Were he to announce, Rick Perry would apt to on the top of  my list as well.    Remember governors have to make decisions.   Junior senator only give fancy speeches.

Herm Can, Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, Daily Caller:

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain continues to display a gross misunderstanding of the ideological threat posed to our nation by Islamists. I am very disappointed that any candidate for president of the United States would say, especially after being given multiple opportunities for clarification, that he would “be uncomfortable hiring a Muslim in his administration.” One cannot help but question how those comments square with his understanding of the very United States Constitution that he seeks to protect. He somehow wants me, as an American Muslim, to be comforted by his explanation that he would still appoint Muslims but they would first have to meet some sort of constitutional litmus test. This is a line of thinking that directly conflicts with the constitutional prohibition that states, “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” (Article 6, Section 3).

Is the Herminator,  Herman Cain, wrong?    While it is true that no all Muslims are terrorists, virtually all terrorists are Muslim.   The Muslin population seems have those who support jihad and those that don’t object to it.    Show me the peaceful Muslims.

But Tony Weiner is no B.J. Clinton, from Rand Simberg, Pajamas Media:

Anthony Weiner allegedly and admittedly communicated with young women on social media and sent them photos of his unmentionables, and then lied about it for a week or so before coming clean.

Bill Clinton had actual sexual relations (and yes, folks, “oral sex” is sex — look at the second word) with a young woman in his pay, in the Oval Office, during working hours, sometimes while discussing troop movements with members of Congress on the phone. He sometimes held up meetings with government officials so that said young woman could have the proper time to service his needs, which included (to put it as delicately as possible) using her tongue to function as toilet paper.

Both the Weiner and B.J. Clinton are reprobates, but only B.J. appears to be a felon.  So why rush to flush the Weiner but the jihad like defense of. B.J.?

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