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Lame Stream Media, if the media will lie about Jose Antonio Vargas by allowing him to report about illegal immigration without disclosing his massive conflict of interest to wit Vargas was illegal, see Michelle, what are they hiding about their gushing reporting on New York State’s recent legalization of same sex marriage.     Just as the media was obligated to reveal that Vargas was illegal, they need to report the sexual preference of their reporters and reporterettes who raving about same sex marriage.

The Obami are insane:

(Reuters) – The Obama administration is considering requiring all new cars and trucks sold in the United States to get an average of 56.2 miles per gallon by 2025, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

You and your family first, Mr. President.   No government official who not willing to use a vehicle for him and is entire family, should be able to force you to subject you and your family to such a risky vehicle.

Paying Taxes is for the little people.  One good indication that an idea is false is when those who support the idea do not act as if it were true.  For example Algore purports that so-called anthropogenic global warming is dire threat to the world, yet  Algore  is major energy slut.  He has two mansions and travels my private jet    Likewise the Obami drone on and one that the key to prosperity is balanced, read even yet higher, taxes.   Yet the same Obami that want you to pay yet more taxes, do not pay their own, from Victor Davis Hanson, Pajamas Media;

We have heard that taxes, more taxes, and more taxes are the cure for the massive deficits, run up by out of control spending. OK, fine. But why then does multimillionaire John Kerry go to great lengths to avoid taxes on his yacht (why a luxury yacht when so many have so little?); why are redistributive overseers like Timothy Geithner, Eric Holder, Tom Daschle, Charles Rangel, and Hilda Solis either late or delinquent in paying the federal, state, or local governments what they owe? Were not high taxes on the upper incomes like themselves the point of it all? Should not they pay all they can to ensure that their brethren receive needed entitlements? I thought Bono would lead an international effort of multimillionaire rock stars to relocate to socialist states like Ireland or Greece, so that they might gladly pay 75% of their incomes (which at “some point” they had enough of) to help others closer to home. Why instead is he fleeing to low-tax nations? Did not such socialists have enough money by now without undermining the socialist state?

Abolish the ATF the Sharp Tack, b/k/a Clarice Feldman makes her case for abolishing the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, from American Tbinker:

Voltaire observed “It’s a good thing to kill an admiral now and then to encourage the others.”  This observation inspires me to suggest  that when an agency carries out  such a  bit of  idiotic malfeasance as the ATF’s operation “Fast and Furious” with the cooperation of agents at all levels of the spectrum, an operation which resulted , among other things in the murder of a U.S. customs agent and prominent relative of a Mexican official, it’s time to dissolve the operation and dismiss all of its employees. To encourage the others.

Jon Huntsman’s high road to no where. Huntsman has treed himself.  While he wanted to oust his old boss, he refuses to attack his old boss.  No sane voter will vote to replace Barack Obama with a candidate who will not attack Obama’s woeful record, George Will from This Weak, ABC News, video:

Huntsman either needs to get serious or get out of the race.  Either way as Herm would say:   I does not care.

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