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  • The Dangerous Effort to Delegitimate Supreme Court Justices:Randy Barnett does a exploration of something that’s just crept up onto my radar…

    It has been clear for some time now that activists have moved from impugning the character of conservative Supreme Court nominees to delegitimating them as sitting justices. Curt Levey has an interesting article idescribing these tactics and the possible motives of the attackers: Ganging Up on Justices Thomas, Scalia, and Alito. The

    Indeed. Further…

    Yes, that Anthony Weiner, who was until recently the point person making these charges. The existence of this assault is clear, and was continued this week by the New York Times advancing another empty charge against Justice Thomas. This is a very dangerous maneuver. Just as the personal attacks on Republican judicial nominees discourage many qualified persons from accepting nominations and have resulted in a downward spiral of tit-for-tat personal attacks on Democratic nominees, this sustained “ethics” attack on conservative justices will eventually lead to similar attacks on the liberals. No one is so virtuous as to be above false attacks. This campaign will also serve to undermine the bite of genuine ethical lapses, which will inevitably get lost amid the noise of manufactured pseudoscandals.

    There’s this, also; the left has been in my view over dependent on the Supreme Court since the days of FDR, since the court is invariably stacked with a percentage of liberals that far outweighs the percentage of liberals in the general society.  Does impugning the honor of supreme court justices, make ineffective the tool that they have been so dependent on all these decades?I tend to think it does.  And that said they do seem committed to this course of action.

  • FLIGHT TO HELL NOW DEPARTING FROM THE LEFT GATE: Tell me again how the TSA is going it’s job when it starts inspecting diapers of 95 year-olds. And yes, I know it’s within their procedures… and tha’s the point. Guess what isn’t in their procedures? Looking closely at anyone who might actually be smuggling explosives on  a plane. Like , for example, young middle Eastern types. Wouldn’t want to profile, huh?(Spit) As Jonah quips:

    I remember before we had a TSA and 95 year old women in diapers were constantly smuggling bombs on planes. Oh wait.

    Yeah. I guess what they’ll find, depends. Or something.

    But let’s be honest enough to recognize that this is the kind of nonsensical crap that goes on in liberal world. instead of actually accomplishing security, through common sense measures, we attempt to do it by way of political correctness, which of course contains no common sense whatsoever.

  • GUNWALKER: Howard Nemerov describes why Eric Holder should be impeached. I think he’s right, but I also think you ought to be jailed.  Very publicly.  Very loudly.  Personally, I want to see him frog marched across the White House lawn.
  • STAGFLATION IS BACK: Well, look, we tried what Obama is doing already under Carter. Seems to me the best we can hope for is a Carter re-run. And I don’t think it’ll be that good. as I’ve told you, the unemployment levels are already the lower than they were during the Carter years, and that gave President Reagan a massive boost in pre- election polls.  Obama is going to have to work like crazy to get up to where Carter was.  Being the true socialist believer that he is, I don’t believe he has it in him to work in the proper direction.

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – This would have made an interesting episode of “The Brady Bunch.”

    Florence Henderson, the actress who played perky mom Carol Brady in the beloved family sitcom, says she once got crabs after a one-night-stand with career politician John Lindsay, who was the mayor of New York City at the time.

    John Lindsay? Yeah, I can believe it. He always was a slimeball, anyway. And of course I’m not sure sure about he… not that I ever was anyway.

  • CONGRATS, RICH: Rich Lowry was wed over the weekend. From all accounts, quite the wedding. Rumor has it Goldberg was a bit more lubricated than usual. (grin)

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