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Tony Bennett: He Left His Brain in San Francisco

Allah Pundit has found another celebutard who has mistaken, Dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama for intelligent, from Hot Air [1]:

A late evening palate cleanser via CNS [2] — and not the first time that they’ve spun video gold from waylaying poor old Tony Bennett. Remember when they caught up to him at an event two years ago and found him urging Americans to support Obama in anything he wants to do? [3] How many trillions per year would the deficit be now if we had taken that advice?

Another celebutard who does not read Bitsblog and has not heard of Clarice Feldman.   I repeat myself, but Clarice lays waste to the notion that President Fifty Seven States is intelligent,  see Clarice, here [4], here [5] and here [6].