Westbury, Long Island,NY– Took a load to Carlisle, PA last night, and then another from there to Long Island, today. I’ll be heading west shortly.

  • Hey, Billy… As always your comments on Krugman are spot on, and all the more so for their cut to the chase-briefness.

    Paul Krugman is a stark moron, Nobel Prize be damned.

    But… I think I’d have added a comment about the worthlessness of the Nobel Prize, anymore. After all…. Obama got one, why, again? Still and for all that, Krugman at least starts out with a passage I can believe.  Witness, please;

    Well, what I’ve been hearing with growing frequency from members of the policy elite — self-appointed wise men, officials, and pundits in good standing — is the claim that it’s mostly the public’s fault. The idea is that we got into this mess because voters wanted something for nothing, and weak-minded politicians catered to the electorate’s foolishness.

    I am reminded of Obama’s closest historical echo… Jimmy Carter. I’m sure you remember when the country had started to recognize it made a mistake electing that bozo…. as they are now, with the more recent Bozo, and what did Carter do? He went on national television and blamed the American people for reacting negatively to his mis-administration.  What a leader!! How many more days will it be, I wonder, when Obama starts following suit?  Not long, I expect. Oh…. and why, I wonder, doesn’t Krugman recognize that he himself is among the policy elite — self-appointed wise men, officials, and pundits in good standing (with the left) who led us down this path?  I guess his farts don’t stink, to him, huh? Typical socialist.

  • CHAVEZ? ARE YOU KIDDING? Speaking of socialists, I see even the US Navy is apparently not immune to being remade in the politics of the immaculated one. Naming a  ship after Ceasar Chavez? Sigh….Only under scum like Obama would a far leftist get a navy ship named after him. Duncan Hunter is right on the money, his anger justified. Does anyone doubt whose politics is being worshipped here? Meanwhile the  list of actual Hispanic war heroes grows longer and yet untapped for such honors. But no, it’s more important to the left to honor union rabble rousers.
  • SPEAKING OF UNIONS: We have always known they use tactics like this. Just as a reminder, here’s someone who admits to it. Question: Why is this slimeball not in jail? We both know the answer; because he supports the far leftist power structure with tactics like this, that’s why.
  • WHY UNIONS ARE FLOURISHING IN GOVERNMENT: Eileen Norcross,  a senior research fellow with the Social Change Project and the lead researcher on the State and Local Policy Project makes the following observation:

    “The main differences between public and private sector come from economics,” said Norcross. “Private sector unions can raise their wages, but not their employment. By contrast, public sector unions can increase both wage and employment outcomes.”

    The result, says Norcross, is that public sector unions can grow the size of budgets, while private sector unions are constrained by the profitability of the firm.

    That is a fair enough description of the situation, but I think there to be a far simpler one, …(leaving aside for the moment, the obvious connection between leftists and unions world wide… for example, Andy Stern having everything but a desk in the Obama White House)… I suggest we need to examine this from the standpoint of free market competition. The fact is and always has been that Unions cannot survive in a competitive environment.  The free market is the enemy of the union movement. Many will balk at this notion and point, for example, to the private sector success of the UAW in the 5Os and forward. However, consider the situation; We had quite literally bombed the living crap out of our biggest manufacturing competition; Germany and Japan. When these finally came back on line, our auto makers (And most electronics firms as well) burdened with agreements made during the years when we lacked competition, now found they couldn’t effectively compete.  It is the Unions, along with the leftists in government placing unfunded mandates on Automakers, that forced them into bankruptcy. And of course the leftists in government ride in with taxes extorted from you and I to play ‘savior’. The only place where Unions can survive, much less thrive, is where there is no competition. Which, by the way, is why we see Union violence against non-union workers. They’re trying to frighten off the competition, seeing clearly it’s the death of the unions if such things are allowed to go on unchecked. Government, certainly, is one entity that allows no competition. Thus the union toe-hold. It’s time to outlaw unionization of any taxpayer funded job. Period. And I wonder who among the GOP leadership will have the stones to even suggest such a move.

  • HERMAN’S IN: As David noted in making his scramble yesterday morning, Herman Cain is in the race. I like what I know of him and his thinking. I’ll be watching him fairly closely.
  • MITCH IS OUT: I can’t say I’m overly sad about Mitch Daniels announcing he’s not running. You shouldn’t be, either. You see, I’m not convinced Daniels is the best we can do. I’ve been saying all along the current GOP field is weak, and I include Daniels in that list. Were he to run he’d have some serious questions to answer, to my mind as regard some judicial appointments…. such as the moron who wrote that ruling the other day as regards defending one’s home from invasion.

    I suspect that the media feeding frenzy Stanley describes has less to do with an impulse to lampoon the ridiculous than an impulse to ridicule Christianity in general.  Despite Camping and his followers being an extremely small fringe group, the media has covered this story as if the entire Southern Baptist church made this prediction. . . .  It’s not out of bounds to chuckle over the gullibility of those who rely on false prophets, but it’s worth considering who and what benefits from this avalanche of coverage of an obscure, already-discredited crank.

    One quibble, Ed…. the snickering didn’t TURN sinister… it STARTED that way.  It’s never been anything BUT that. And as I spoke to previously, Christ himself discredited predictions of the end of the world, saying “You shall know neither the day nor the hour”.

  • OBAMA TO ISRAEL: DROP DEAD James Lewis at The American Thinker:

    Obama has just given an eager world his fantasy answer for the last sixty years of Arab-Israel conflict. The Great One’s long-awaited solution is for Israel to pull back to the cease-fire lines of the 1948 War of Independence, or what Obama, in a moment of historical amnesia, calls “the 1967 borders.” People have fought and died over those borders since 1949, not 1967. Make that sixty years of regular warfare.

    Take a quick glance at the Green Line on the map, and see if you can honestly answer this question:
    Would I want my family and children to live on the scary side of that lengthy, convoluted and meandering border, with Hamas and Hezbollah trying to breach the fence every night with knife-wielding maniacs and Grad rocket launchers? If you answered that question honestly, you cannot be a liberal. You know too much.

    However, if you think the answer is “Yes, I’ll do anything for peace, including putting my kids’ lives on the line,” then you are sucker bait for the most delusional political party in American history.  And that includes the Bull Moose Party. …

    Personally, the only thing that surprises me about this is that there is a Jew left in America still willing to sign on with the Democrats. You would think after 60 years of this business, at least leftist Jews would have figured out that there are some with whom one cannot make peace. Obama, who has never had his fantasies challenged by reality I can almost understand in this. But why is any Jew in America, voting for any Democrat?

  • WHAT WAR POWERS ACT? Wasn’t it Joe Biden who swore on copies of Das Kapital that he’s move to impeach Bush if he took the nation to war without Congressional approval? So why the silence now? Nick has further questions and comment.

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