Suffield,CT— I’m currently waiting for a trailer to get offloaded so I can continue on Mendon, MA.  While waiting, I did manage to download a few pics that I took of my truck after it’s bath on Monday. Here’s a couple of them. Cleans up nicely, doesn’t it?

Yes, I know, I’m crowing a little, but it’s amazing what a few weeks worth of spare time will do. I’ve got some plans to spruce things up a bit more, but I’m already getting compliments over it on the road.

Looking around:

  • I’ve discovered a new application for my Palm Pre, called TuneIn, which allows me to not only tune in most radio stations that are tied to the internet regardless of where they are, but also to tie onto podcasts of all the biggies. I now have about all the listening I can take, and since I have unlimited net access on the phone, I can stream all day long if I like.
  • THE EPA again… Speaking of radio, I made mention of this on the Midnight Radio network about a week ago.

    How important are jobs to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency? Not very, according to recent testimony from EPA Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. After Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., asked whether an EPA economic analysis of new coal ash regulations took into account potential job losses, Stanislaus replied: “Not directly, no.” Gardner then followed up: “Is it standard procedure for an economic analysis to ignore the impact on jobs?” Stanislaus could only manage the following in return: “Well I can get back to you on the specific details of how we do economic analysis.” It has been over three weeks since that exchange, yet Stanislaus has yet to answer Gardner’s question satisfactorily.

    Anyone who thinks he will actually answer the question is most likely a progressive. And on the show that night, Eric Harley made the point that this is exactly in keeping with this administration, despite the repeated promises of being the ‘most transparent administration in history”.  How many years did it take Obama to cough up a birth certificate? THe measurement of this administration is not in it’s words, but with it’s action, and the results of it’s actions. It’s as Feredoso says, today:

    At a time of economic stringency, Obama would be doing everything in his power to allow the private sector to create jobs. He says he is. In his weekly radio address last Saturday, he told Americans: “Not a day that goes by that I’m not focused on your jobs, your hopes and your dreams.” But you can’t focus on what you don’t measure. How can the Obama administration claim to be promoting job creation when the EPA isn’t even analyzing what effect its regulations will have on jobs?

    The EPA needs to be stopped and stopped cold. Eliminated. And right now. Don’t tell me that we go from where we are to burning rivers in 30 seconds or less or that without the EPA and the damage it causes we’d still be there. That, my friends, is fear mongering nonsense fed to us by big government types who don’t care about jobs. Like, Obama, for example. Let’s see… double digit unemployment, double digit inflation, and Obama& Co want to strangle business all the more with Save the Planet nonsense?  We need to excise this monster once and for all. Our economy depends on it.

  • NO, JOHNBOY…. Asad never WAS a reformer. Not even close. And that you had him tagged as such and worse, tried to direct our foriegn policy as if he ever WAS a reformer, only tags you as a bigger idiot than I made you for. Good, God, people, this man tried to be President. Can you imagine the foreign policy disaster as a result of a President John Kerry? OK, we have a worse situation now, with Obama, I grant you, but not by much.
  • More Job-killing Liberalism:Over at the Daily Caller, Brett McMahon notes today:

    Recently, the NLRB filed a complaint to stop Boeing from completing a new aircraft assembly plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state and one that is generally friendly to business. The reason? Obama’s labor board says the company shouldn’t be free to operate in its interests, despite having faced years of costly strikes by militant unionized employees in Washington State.

    Now, you may not work in an airplane factory and it’s even less likely that you own an aircraft company. But the federal government’s attempt to tell one company which states it can and cannot do business in is a threat to the free enterprise system that has been the fertile soil of this nation’s economic strength for decades.

    Now remember where I’ve been saying look at the actions not the words of this administration?  Tell me about how this doesn’t kill jobs. Go ahead. I’ve long been of the reflected on the fact that Unions kill jobs, economies and so on.  Here’s yet another example of that.  And guess who backs the Unions? Yep… Obama. The fact was and remains that this administration has been about killing off free enterprise in this country…and with a look at the state of the economy under it’s watch, doing a damn good job of it, too.

  • Welcome to reality, Mike. Over at Pajamas Media (Where I really have to get to writing again)  Mike Ledeen finally grasps what I’ve been saying all along, and much to his credit he’ll put it in words for all to see. That takes courage, Mike.

    I have sadly and reluctantly come to the conclusion that there may well be circumstances in which we may have to do terrible things in order to prevail, and perhaps even to survive.

    Correct. And you know the difference between Ledeen and Obama on this score? Ledeen will admit it’s needed at times. Obama outlawed it, despite taking credit for an assassination we were only able to pull off because of intel gathered by it.

    Look, this stuff is never easy, but at least let me make this simple for you. War is the absence of civility and of law. Talking about the concept of a “lawful war” is like talking about freeze dried water. There’s no such thing nor given the nature of things could there ever be. Moreover, our laws only get to survive, if we both win the war, and survive the effort. Thereby an irony; the only way for our laws our values, our culture to survive, is to be ready at all times to step outside them to wage war on those who choose to wage war on US and win against them decisively, by whatever means necessary.  That’s something the left will never understand. Then again, they aren’t too keen on this country and it’s culture being defended anyway, as a rule. Maybe there’s a connection there, ya think?

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