Me at OTB just now:

Consider the scenario of capturing UBL alive.
The administration is faced with a choice;

They can either…

a) Go through the process of a civilian trial because that was what they wanted to employ for all terror suspects, giving, as I’ve en saying all along, a platform for alQueida to expound on and promote it’s agenda

b) They could react realistically, do a military trial, thus rejecting their own mantra.

In either case, they’d have a focal point for other terrorist acts in his support. Exactly what BHO cannot afford in his polling numbers at the moment… more attacks within these united States.

And guess what? Ordering the killing of UBL is a total rejection of the idea that a civilian trial is effective against terrorism… Put another way, BHO has already rejected his own mantra.


Update: Seems I’m not the only one who has noticed.


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