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Breakfast Scramble: Hello Herm

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble

Can Cain? Herman Cain did what was expected and officially threw is hat into the ring, from Daily Calle [1]r:

Cain said one of the biggest reasons he’s running for president is because, “we have become a nation of crises.”

“We have a moral crisis,” Cain said. “We got an economic crisis. We’ve got an entitlement spending crisis. We’ve got an immigration crisis. We’ve got a foggy foreign affairs crisis. And, we’ve got a deficiency of leadership crisis in the White House. There is a big difference between leadership and positionship.”

Is Herm the next Fred?  I don’t know, but he makes sense.

Gene Simmons tells Obama to Kiss off, video:

Hat tip: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit [2].

It might be an interesting contest to get Simmons together with Ted Nugent.   Not that it would be safe for work.

Islands in the Stream, from Mail [3](UK):


Missippi flooding

We’ve all undertaken home improvements but these residents in flood-stricken Mississippi have had to embark on major construction projects just to protect their houses and livelihoods.These homes in Vicksburg are all situated along the Yazoo River, a tributary of the overflowing Mississippi River, and their owners have surrounded themselves with tons of earth and sand.

With questions over whether the main levees that protect the area from floods would hold, these farmers took no chances and have so far saved their homes and crops from destruction.