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Breakfast Scramble: Geronimo

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Why Dumbo will be a one term President, from Jedediah Bila, Daily Caller [1]:

(3) As reported by The Hill this week, “The high gas prices limited gross domestic product growth in the first quarter, and have taken a bite out of jobs . . . The biggest drag on the economy, Zandi [Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics] says, are gas prices, which have basically wiped out any benefit for middle-class families from the payroll tax cut included as part of December’s deal to extend the Bush tax rates.”

How will the Obama administration — which has repeatedly stood in the way of domestic drilling permits while financing oil exploration off Brazil, has sided with the EPA’s job-crippling over-regulation, and has refused to access our God-given resources in places like ANWR — fare with the voting public as gas prices continue to rise? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Also, recall that a March IBD/TIPP poll found that Americans support drilling in territorial waters by a 67%-29% margin and in ANWR by a 54%-40% margin

Barack Obama, b/k/a Dumbo, has a deep seated irrational hatred of oil companies.   I’d think he would wage war on oil even if it cost hie re-election, from New York Times [2]:

With gasoline prices still hovering above $4 a gallon, President Obama renewed his call on Friday to close tax loopholes for large oil companies, declaring, “If you’re already paying them at the gas pump, we don’t need to pay them through the tax code.”


Mr. Obama offered a familiar list of incentives to draw people away from gas-guzzling vehicles, including a $75 tax rebate for those who buy electric vehicles. And he reiterated his goal that the federal government’s vast fleet of vehicles use fuel-efficient, clean-energy technologies by 2015.

Obama was against  before he was for them.   Obama is not against subsidies, just the ones of which he does not personally approve.   Raising taxes on oil producers will not lower the price of gasoline.

Captains of incompetence, from Ace [3]:

The thing that Obama had no role in crafting, only authorizing — the planning of the military strike — went beautifully. (With the exception of a mechanical glitch downing a stealth copter.)

The thing that Obama had a primary role in crafting — the PR and reportage about the military’s spectacular raid — has been nothing but glitches, walkbacks, mistatements, blown opportunities, and — this is now becoming a pattern with Obama — screwing up everything so badly and so… oddly that people begin doubting the most basic facts reported to them.

Geronimo, gasoline is at four dollars a gallon and headed for five,and theses putzes are investigating military code names, from Matthew Jaffe, ABC News [4]:

The Senate Indian Affairs committee will hold a hearing Thursday on racist Native American stereotypes, a hearing that will now also address the Osama bin Laden mission and the code-name Geronimo.

While the hearing was scheduled before the mission, a committee aide today said the linking of the name Geronimo with the world’s most wanted man is “inappropriate” and can have a “devastating” impact on kids.

Look guys, just call the next targeted perp Bill Ayers before you blow him away.  Carry on.

Dumbo stumbles,  post bin Laden mistakes,  from Mark Halperin, Times [5].

Fight like a girl, Professor Condi Rice educates Lawrence O’Donnell, all the while letting Larry the Asshat be the only one doing any shouting, video:

Hat tip:   Nice Deb [6].

Stacy’s victory lap, Robert Stacy McCain has been in Herman Cain’s corner and feels vindicated by Cain”s depart performance, from Other McCain [7]:

Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining, sources say.

CBS News was also stunned by Cain’s focus-group win [8]. I don’t know why this seems so shocking to some people. As Cain’s spokeswoman Ellen Carmichael has been saying for weeks, “When people meet Herman, they like Herman.”

Unlike the Obami’s always changing story line to the bin Laden raid, Stacy has been consistently in Cain’s corner.

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