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Man bites Dog, Talking Point Memo attacks Dirty Harry Reid:

Republicans may have a point that Democrats are playing politics with oil subsidies. To understand why, look no further than the fact that the bill Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will bring to the floor for a vote Tuesday evening doesn’t pass basic constitutional muster

Black employment tops sixteen percent, from Caroline May, Daily Caller:

African Americans have the highest unemployment rate of any ethnic group in America, and the disparity is raising eyebrows.

According the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the black unemployment rate hovers at 16.1 percent – compared with 8 percent among whites, 11.8 percent among Hispanics, and 6.4 percent among Asians. The most recent figures pin the total unemployment rate at 9 percent.

To which, the Reverend Jesse Jackson sees only one problem, to wit white racism:

To Reverend Jesse Jackson the high numbers of unemployed blacks is a “cry for help,” due to systematic racism and a failure to enforce the law. Help has not, however, been as forthcoming as the civil rights leader would have liked to see. For, while the president has had numerous conferences on the economic struggles of Americans, Jackson

Where the Reverend Jackson sees nothing but race,Ta-Nehisi Coates, Atlantic does not:

I’ve spent much of my adult life studying various theories of race and racism, and the last few years in a rather intensive mode of study. In all of that time one inescapable conclusion has dogged me: Race is such bullshit.

Where the Reverend Jackson calls for yet more government hand-outs, Victor Davis Hanson fifty yeas or failure, Pajamas Media:

We have had about a half-century of racial preferences and often unspoken but real quotas for hiring and admission based on racial identity. If the original intent was to level the playing field for African-Americans and Latinos, who had been subject to systematic and often gratuitously mean discrimination throughout much of the American South and Southwest, nonetheless the current rationale for sustaining affirmative action has become a veritable nightmare of contradictions, biases, and incoherence that is now well beyond reform. Conservatives mostly believe this; an increasing number of liberals quietly think it.

We have tired affirmative action, both the the form of equality of opportunity and in the form of equality of outcome.   They have not worked, and we can no longer afford them.   Their time should lapse.

Paul Ryan fires back, from Charles Riley, CNN:

“Our plan is to give seniors the power to deny business to inefficient providers,” he said. “Their plan is to give government the power to deny care to seniors.”

Democrats are all in favor or choice, just so long as they get to make all the choices.

Speaking of choices, the girls and is Jill, Deb and Jen, have made their choice for President and it is Ryan,  from Pundit & Pundette:

Paul Ryan for President?

I wish. Jeffrey Anderson joins Jennifer Rubin in calling for Rep. Paul Ryan to run for president. I think it’s a fantasy, but a very appealing one. Ryan blows Daniels’s socks off:

And Nice Deb:

Pundette has much more on the Gingrich meltdown: Gingrich vs Ryan: No contest.

And she’s jumping on the Paul Ryan for President bandwagon:Paul Ryan for President?

Kinda like I did 14 months ago. (Heh)

Looks like if Ryan were to run, he’d have the inside track on the conservative chic vote.

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