Usama BinLaden is reportedly dead tonight, and apparently the US has his body.

He was killed in action against a mansion outside Islamabad, according to reports.

Good news, certainly, but we need to consider this carefully.

First, a man who dies in a mansion isn’t a martyr.  Sorry,  he’s just not.

There’s another point to be made. He was driven out of both Iraq and  Afghanistan, and the US stayed. BinLaden’s AlQuieda  made Iraq their stand… their battleground, and lost.  Same in Afghanistan. Bin Laden, thereby, had already lost.

This caps all of it, of course, but let’s recall, please, George W Bush who kept us on the ground in those places. There’s the true victory.

Let’s also give Obama’s people credit, for using drone attacks in Afghanistan. This is something I’ve long supported, even though most of Obama’s base was not.  I have my doubts, that, seeing we have his body, this was purely a drone attack; we’d have to have had boots on thr ground to obtain his body and thereby the proof of our success in the attack.

And do you suppose the timing of the announcement had anything to do with Obama pre-emting Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice?

I’ll have more thoughts in tomorrow’s Ramble.

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