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David points out in this morning’s Scramble:

…three years after Mrs. Clinton raised the issues and after months of the media claiming that it was legally impossible, Barack Obama finally  releases his long form certificate of live birth, from William Jacobson, Legal Insurrection:

So much for our media, which has been telling us — contrary to the actual law as I explained previously- that Obama could not obtain original documents of his own birth records.


The ease with which the White House obtained the documents demonstrates the rank idiocy of the mainstream media, which has been feeding us a steady stream of excuses as to why Obama could not obtain the document.

Just so. The willingness of the supposedly mainstream media to go to bat for the leftist President while the recent drooling over the mere chance of damaging a center-rightist President cannot be over-emphasized.  What that alone shows us is something readers of this blog have been aware of for many years, but perhaps nowhere more clearly demonstrated in that time than this spectacular case of press bias to the left.

And of course the President’s promise of being the most transparent administration in history kind of goes by the way, when one looks at the question of just why it is that Obama and his people waited two years and spent millions of dollars in legal fees, so that they didn’t have to come up with the real document. The leftist defense force (otherwise known as the “mainstream media”) is predictably silent.

This situation will likely help the President with his base…. which has been eroding at a remarkable pace for several months, now… but people who actually use their head for something other than holding Obama Tatoos will quickly understand that even assuming the question has been answered fully… and I have my doubts on that score… the picture it paints of the honesty of this administration is not at all a good one.

And of course, as Paul Rahe points up today, they will begin to notice once again that:

Barack Obama has brought us to the edge of a precipice, and a majority of Americans now recognize that things cannot go on as they have in the past. The welfare state is bankrupt. The Social Security trust fund is paying out more than it is taking in. The Medicare entitlement is unsustainable, and Obamacare threatens to hurl us into the abyss.

…and they will continue to note how Obama’s devotion to “green” is killing our economy. And so on and so on.

You see, the Administration has been playing this like all the questions about Obama have been answered, and that his supposed mandate now is shown as legit. Well, there’s a number… a large number… of people who have questions. The Birth certificate business is only one of them.  As JERRY POURNELLE says:

We have an election coming up. We also have $5/gallon gasoline and $5/loaf bread coming up. I do not expect the real unemployment rate to fall, although there will be frantic attempts to make it look lower, largely through statistical manipulations based on the definition of unemployment: if you’re not looking for work, you aren’t unemployed even if you have no job and never again expect to find one. As more give up looking, the unemployment rate goes down. And since the unions do not intend to lower their wages and perks, and the states are out of money, there will be “furloughs” among public employees including teachers. You can manipulate those numbers so the “furloughed” are not unemployed. It promises to be an interesting summer, but it will end with $5/gallon gasoline and $5/loaf bread. Look for the price of a can of beans to get higher. Look for the price of Top Ramen to rise…

This will continue so long as the current economic and foreign policies continue.

And guess what? Obama can’t wait two years to answer that question.



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