Carlisle, PA– I’m at the truck stop in Carlisle as I write this.

Your author and his new ride

Getting comfortable in the new truck I’ve been assigned is an effort that has taken weeks… as I suspected it would. There’s still work to be done on it, but I find myself being very productive with it, and suspect this truck and I will be a long term item.


  • I’m just today going over some writings from John Adams… someone I rge you to read and to get to know very well. It amazes me that so many so called constitutional scholars including the individual who currently holds the role of POTUS, so very apparently know so very little of him and his views on government and freedom. I’m struck by the import of a passage:

    But what do we mean by “The American Revolution”?  Do we mean the American War? The Revolution was effected long before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the hearts and minds of the people.

    And doesn’t that make sense? One must, after all, have ideas and ideals… principles… to fight for, or for what are you fighting? You see, I dare to suggest to you that our national debate has swung well away from that of individual rights and freedoms, and alas,  too far toward where the left would like it to be… on taxes and what the government should be doing with them.  I dare to suggest further that were we as a nation to focus, as the founders did, on those individual rights and freedoms, that we’d be taxed far less and our financial well-being as a nation would be far more secured as would our future as a nation.

    I don’t know, but I think it was Tocqueville, who suggested that if our lights ever fade, they will do so a little at a time…. Our lights, our ideas and ideals have faded rather dramatically of late… and that fading has been accomplished over a period of decades. Just as Tocqueville said it would happen.  I suggest to you it’s time to refocus the debate on the individual. The Tea Party… indeed ANY party, would do well, I think, to ask of it’s followers and people that the party supports for elective office: “What have you done to remove government from our backs, and what have you done to enhance the rights and liberty of the individual?”

  • With this in mind it’s interesting to note an  interesting survey, that shows America gets it, while the politicians apparently do not.
  • Charles Krauthammer takes the Obama administration to task for mistakes in their Syria policy.
  • Remember back in November when spent so much effort to convince the American taxpayers how well his Government Motors was doing, that taxpayers were going to get back every penny invested to keep Government Motors alive and well?   Pure fabrication. Not that I really expected anything else.
  • Top management at both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were paid substantial sums for overseeing entities that were losing money fast enough that the federal government was and is required to keep them afloat at taxpayer expense.
  • Hmmm. David will like this one… apparently Crystal Mangum is back in the news, after having apparently stabbed her boyfreind.

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  1. Crystal Mangum is one sick puppy. My bet is her lawyer will plead that she not mentally competent.