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The Ramble: Reducing Government Equals More Freedom

Brooklyn, NY— As this is written, I’m in the second largest city in America, the ferstwhile home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Of course that was back in the day that America gave a damn about baseball.

To say this is a unique place is to state the obvious, but it is only obvious for those who have actually been here. Flatbush Ave deserves some exploration, and maybe some day I’ll get the chance to do it. I’ve mentioned to Donna and the boys we might do a three day down here to explore a bit… mixed reviews on that.

From here, I’ll move west out to Carlisle,PA and up to Albany, NY.

These warmer spring days are nice for driving, though the wind and rain can be an issue. Such was the case today. Took me a couple hours extra to get where I was going, today.

I’ve been trying Skype, to allow me to place vidphone calls from the truck to the house. It’s amazing how I can feel closer to home in that simple action. This is a decidedly lonely job, this professional driving long-haul, but there are ways to deal with it.

Looking around: