Rice, PA— (Along I-81, near Scranton at a rest area) Foggy here today. Accidents because of the fog, and driving is not fun, really, as a result. Oh, well. Goes with the territory.

I’m headed for the Albany, NY area, then who knows?

  • Me at OTB just now:

    Let’s imagine, as a data point, that as a governmental fiat, we could take all the money… and I mean every last dime of the income of the rich. Every farthing of it. Even at that level, it wouldn’t make a dent in the deficit. Not even close. So, what is accomplished by “soaking the rich” other than punishing people for being successful?

    Your author

    And of course the larger question… do we as a people WANT to punish success? And that’s really what we’re doing when we soak the rich. I’ve complained often about the intentional use of the tax code to alter citizen behavior…. the tax to discourage people from doing something.  Does anyone think that punishing the rich will NOT make people less inclined to succeed?

  • Hey Glenn: Of course it matters. We need t be opposing, at volume ten, the left… hitting them with both barrels, at every single opportunity. They are far too wel entrenched to let even the small stuff slide without vocal opposition. To not do so allows them to rule the narrative….
  • … and on the other hand when New England Democrats start calling for spending cuts we know that a vocal opposition has them running scared… which is exactly as it should be. Now, of course it’s a matter of making sure they go beyond lip service to the idea.  And trust me, without being continually broadsided by the truth, they won’t.
  • 'MISSING RECORDS IN HAWAII, MISSING RECORDS IN KENYA, MISSING RECORDS IN INDONESIA'... So says Drudge. To which I respond, again, that if Obama could have produced such birth records, he would have instead of spending so much money and effort to make it all go away. He could have silenced and discrediited detractors with a single stroke, if he’d produced the birth cert. He has not, because he cannot. The country has been scammed, people. This is huge.

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