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You know what a watermelon is?  It is green on the outside but red on the inside.

Big Green flops, a clearly flummoxed Bradford Plumer wonders why the watermelons movement, the so-called green movement has laid such massive big egg, from New Republic:

Just about everyone in the green movement has a theory for why the climate fight sputtered out. Some activists blame their all-too-powerful foes. The oil and coal industries, as well as groups like the National Association of Manufacturers, all vehemently opposed cap-and-trade and shelled out millions lobbying Congress. The cranks who deny that global warming is manmade were way too effective at spreading their disinformation. And gullible reporters were too willing to give these skeptics airtime. Call this the “we were outgunned” theory. Bill McKibben, for one, has argued that enviros need to spend more time targeting the “the guys with the money who pull the strings,” like the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers. Some climate scientists, meanwhile, have argued that they need to get better at swatting down gibberish from the skeptics. Shortly after the midterms, some 40 climatologists around the world banded together to form a “rapid response unit” on key climate-science questions. (It’s still too early to judge the end result.)

Why should have rational person accept the theory of anthropogenic global warming as true?   Its loudest and  most vocal disciples don’t accept the theory.   Algore is an energy glutton who lives in mansion large enough to billet a battalion.    United Nations diplomats fly private jet to so-called climate conferences held at luxury resorts.

Doctor Krauthammer nails the loony left, video:

Hat tip and more: Nice Deb:

O’Reilly is perplexed by the repellent vitriol and outrageous behavior we witnessed in last weekend’s counter-protests to the tax day tea parties. What is the left’s strategy, he wonders.  Sir Charles has obviously thought this out:

The left is stuck in the midst of Coen brothers plot and does not know what to do.

More Dope from Hope, Mike Huckabee continues to show why he is too stupid to be president, from Rebecca Stewart:

(CNN)- Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has a bone to pick with Glenn Beck. The current Fox News host isn’t pleased that Beck, a departing Fox News host, has called him a progressive, a term which Beck has also previously likened to cancer and the Nazi movement.

Huckabee is too stupid to realize that he is a liberal.

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