DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Special three idiots edition.

Idiot Number One, Charlie Sheen, from James Hibberd, Inside TV:

First the U.S. automaker recession, and now this. Charlie Sheen unleashed his Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour on the Motor City on Saturday night before a crowd that greeted the actor with an adoring standing ovation and concluded with booing and walk-outs. The padded and disjointed show was a hodgepodge of video clips and Sheen-isms that felt hastily assembled and misjudged the patience of even the hardest of hardcore fans. Below is our on-the-scene progressive timeline of disaster from Detroit:

Reax, Stacy McCain, Other McCain:

The opening show of Charlie Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour in Detroit was a bomb of historic proportions. People who paid as much as $65 a ticket were booing and walking out. One self-described Sheen fan who came all the way from Toronto for the show said: “He’s making a fool of himself. Is there a bigger loser in the world?”

Oh I don’t know about that Stacy, see Idiots Two and Three;

Idiot Number Two, Dirty Harry Reid,  from Glenn Thrush, Politico:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told CBS’s Bob Schieffer on Sunday that some members of Congress were considering some kind of action in response to the Florida Quran burning that sparked a murderous riot at a United Nations complex in Afghanistan and other mayhem

Idiot Number Three, Lindsey Graham, from  Fox News:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repudiated pastor Terry Jones for touching off the chaos with what he called a “publicity stunt.” Jones had earlier threatened to burn the Koran, but then shelved the plan until last month. The burning attracted little U.S. attention at the time but was used as a rallying cry in Afghanistan.


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., suggested Congress should condemn the burning, but also stressed that one pastor’s actions should not excuse the subsequent killings.

“Burning a Koran is a terrible thing, but it doesn’t justify killing someone. Burning a Bible would be a terrible thing, but it wouldn’t justify murder,” he said. “But having said that, any time we can push back here in America against actions like this that put our troops at risk, we ought to do it.”

Jones has killed no Muslims and appears to have no desire to kill any, offend them yes, but kill them no.    Om the other hand, Barack Hussien Obama is waging an personal and illegal war on Libya which is killing Muslims, and appears to have no desire to stop killing Muslims.   So who does Dirty Harry repudiate and who does he intend to investigate?  The peaceful and legal one.

Reax,   Michelle:

If somebody, say, puts a crucifix in a jar of urine and calls it “art,” some on Capitol Hill not only won’t press for hearings, but they might even give it federal funding in spite of how many Christians it might offend.

I don’t know about Graham’s excuse, but I think Dirty Harry took a few too many punches in his boxing days.

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