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Mediaite stirs the pot, from Frances Martel, Mediaite:

Pastor Terry Jones, who took advantage of the rapidfire late summer news cycle to become famous for burning Korans last year, has come out strongly against claims that he is directly responsible for prompting Muslim protesters to kill eleven people in Afghanistan this week, including a number of U.S. staffers. Jones accused the protesters, who were directly protesting his Koran burning, of using him as an excuse for the killings.

If Terry Jones is just a publicity whore who has some responsibility for the mob killings in Afghanistan, then why is Mediaite giving Jones even more publicity?

While, Jones is exercising his First Amendment rights, albeit in a dubious manner, Barack Hussein Obama is waging a one man person grudge war against the Muslim state of Libya.    So why does Mediaite consider matches and lighter fluid to be a major problem but is oblivious to cruise missiles and air strikes on Libya?

Think what you will about Jones, he has not killed and is not killing any Muslims.  Whereas Obama has killed Muslims and  appears intent on killing even more.

Maha full of it, more leftard delusions.  Maha, over at Mahablog, stops all over it or is it into it:

And once again demonstrating that he doesn’t know the Sermon on the Mount from the Yellow Pages, the not reverend Jones is demanding retribution for the slaughter that his actions touched off.  After all kinds of people begged him to not act out and burn a Q’ran because it would set back whatever it is his country is doing in Afghanistan, this jerk burns a Q’ran anyway. It’s beyond disgusting.

About the only problem I see with burning a copy of the Koran, is that it precludes you from using it for some useful purpose such as toilet paper.  The fact is that Jones did not kill anybody and is totally not responsible for any deaths in Afghanistan, unlike the aforementioned Obama.

Jones was neither a member of  the mob nor party to riling the mob into a murderous frenzy.

Schultz for DNI, while the Obama administration remains clueless about who is doing what to whom in Libya Sgt Schultz, as in Ed Schultz, has identified the anti-government opposition, from Jeff Dunetz, Big Journalism:

Just who are these people in Libya trying to overthrow Qaddafi? Our government doesn’t know but Ed Schultz does. Maybe he has a secret line into the rebel camp because he knows exactly who they are: the Libyan rebels are Freedom Fighters. Last night on his show he decided that these unknown rebels are up there with George Washington and the other heroes of the American Revolution, or Martin Luther King Jr. They rank with people who have given their lives for the preservation of God-given freedoms. Schultz said

Given the urgency, I am sure that Sgt Schultz would give up his day job to become Obama’s Director of National Intelligence.

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