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It snowed yesterday, and none dared call it global warming.

Dumbo’s Plan, from Doug MacEachern, Arizona Republic:

I thought about that on Wednesday as President Barack Obama delivered his speech about the country’s precarious finances.


And after each declaration of grave concern, including his speech last week, Obama just sort of went ahead with plans to spend as he pleased. It was as though he knows there are untapped bins of bullion out there underneath the mansions of the rich that will pay the country’s bills, like thousands of Scrooge McDucks. As though tapping them, which is his primary answer to sealing the deficits, won’t have any adverse consequences at all

Dumbo’s Planners, Dumbo has no plans and neither do his planners, at least as so far as protecting American jobs, video:

Hat tip: Ed Morrissey, Hot Air.

If you plan on keeping your job,  better plan on the Obami losing theirs.

Fire versus wind. I tried one of Dumbo’s forty-two dollar fill-ups this morning.   I am ready for a better plan.  And you?

The speech, video:

Hat tip: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit.

You now know what it must feel like to be a moose in Alaska.

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