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Putting the Hurt on Obama, Charles Hurt on Barack Obama, from Washington Times:

And then there were Mr. Obama’s worldly-wise assurances that peace would reign and everybody would love us if only we had a sophisticated, multilingual president who had lived abroad, on other continents, with roots in the Muslim world.

Instead, he has shepherded us from feared and loathed to just loathed. And, of course, mocked.

Obama bribes MSM to support Obam Care, from Matthew Boyle,  Daily Caller:

Two mainstream news organizations are receiving hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars from Obamacare’s Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP) – a $5 billion grant program that’s doling out cash to companies, states and labor unions in what the Obama administration considers an effort to pay for health insurance for early retirees. The Washington Post Company raked in $573,217 in taxpayer subsidies and CBS Corporation secured $722,388 worth of Americans’ money

Hat tip, and reax,  Rick Moran provides a devastating from Marsha Blackburn, congresscritter -TN, via American Tbinker:

“It is fine with me if they continue covering the ObamaCare debate,” said Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, in an e-mail to The Daily Caller. “When NBC used to cover energy issues, they identified themselves as a subsidiary of General Electric. CBS and Washington Post just have to disclose that they are subsidiaries of the Obama Administration.”

A bribe by any other name.

Dumbo’s decisions Jill, Pundit & Pundette:

In my previous post I made fun of Obama’s substitution of eleventh hour meetings for actual leadership on the budget issue. Yesterday, trying to sound tough and engaged, he threatened to host another meeting today:

Obama is too busy campaigning to bother with actually bother being President.


Hat tip and more,  Weekly Standard.

Worth noting: When the president’s own party was in charge, they failed to pass a budget for this year. And Republican majority in the House first passed a 2011 budget 46 days ago, but the Democratic Senate hasn’t moved at all on a vote. So who, exactly, is Obama criticizing here?

The President  says Americans deserve a budget, and then goes campaigning with Al Sharpton.   What this country deserves is a President who shows up for work.    As Alvi Singer noted, “Ninety percent of life is just showing.”   By that standard, Obama is a ninety percent failure.

This it the FY2011 budget, which dues on 1 October last year.    Shame Dumbo was too busy playing golf to tell Dirty Harry Reid and Mrs. Pelosi what Americans deserve.
Here comes the Ice Age, from Bruce McQuain, Questions and Observations:

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