DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Dumbo dropping, from Ross Douthat, NY Times:

The President’s Credibility Gap

Addressing the nation Monday evening, President Obama suggested that the United States was in the process of reducing its military footprint in Libya, even as he explicitly rejected the idea of pursuing regime change in Tripoli by force of arms. Both statements seemed calculated to make our intervention seem tightly limited rather than open-ended. (“I want to be clear,” Obama said. “The United States of America has done what we said we would do.”) But two days later, both look dubious in the extreme.

The Secret to Brazil’s Energy Success, from By Steven F. Hayward, Wall Street Journal:

Over the past 20 years the country increased domestic oil production by a whopping 876%.


The biggest factor is that Brazil increased its domestic oil production over the last two decades by 876% (not a typo). Most of that production has come from offshore exploration.

Brazilians achieved independence from foreign oil the old-fashioned way—they drilled. Instead of tapping our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, how about tapping into our still-in-the-ground oil reserves?

Trumping Dumbo, Donald Trump continues to hammer Barack Obama:

(CNN) – It’s official: Donald Trump is a “birther.” But he’d prefer you don’t use that term.

Speaking to MSNBC Thursday, the business mogul and improbable presidential candidate reiterated much of what he has said in the last several days when it comes to doubting President Obama’s birthplace, declaring, “I am embracing the issue, and I’m proud of the issue. I think somebody has to embrace it.”

If you can’t refute them, just call them a “birther.”

Killing Hope, One Black Baby at a Time:

CHICAGO (AP) — The erecting of an anti-abortion billboard targeting Chicago’s black community that features a picture of President Barack Obama has aroused the anger of pro-choice advocates.

The billboard on the city’s South Side reads: “Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted.”

None the late Baby Does, late of Chicago, could be reached for comment.

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