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Breakfast Scramble: Fighting Like a Girl

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Playing the Trump Card on L. Donald

First, Club for Growth, via Matt Lewis, Daily Caller [1]:

Club for Growth President Chris Chocola is not a fan of The Don.  In a release, Chocola blasted Trump.


The Club cited Trump’s penchant for protectionism, including opposing NAFTA, supporting a 25 percent tax on China, and rooting for a “trade war” with China.

Second, C Edmund Wright, American Thinker [2]:

Without a doubt, Trump has done the country a favor by taking President Obama down a peg or two.  Moreover, he has proven to our potential candidates what many of us have known all along — that there is nothing to fear in attacking Obama.  In fact, it’s the way to go.  I just hope the voters take a close look at the mushy underlying philosophy of this man with the wonderful messaging tone.

You’re fired Donald.

Racism thy name is liberal, video:

Hat tip: John, Power Line [3]

Fighting like a girl, video:

Hat tip and more, Ann Althouse: [4]

What a tough kid! Impressive to have built up such strength and nerve so young.

Concur Professor.  Stacy thinks he knows how Ms Willoughby got so smart, from Other McCain [5]:

When I saw this video at Ann Althouse’s blog (hat-tip, Instapundit), I did some quick searching and learned that Tricia Willoughby is a home-schooler and debate champion, one of three daughters of Wisconsin pro-life leaders Bret and Nancy Willoughby.

Then it goes without saying, that if you abort your baby, he will not win any debates.