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Geraghty’s Law Redux,  Jim Geraghty, the author law o eponymous law wins yet another convert,  from Micheal A. Walsh, New York Post:

After weeks of warning of the apocalypse, the leader of the Democratic Party, who never met imaginary or borrowed money that he didn’t want to spend, is now celebrating fiscal sobriety?

This about-face should surprise no one. As National Review’s Jim Geraghty is fond of reminding us, all Obama statements come with an expiration date. They are things said in the heat of political battle, not deeply held principles or beliefs.

Welcome aboard Mike    The blog has been on Geraghty’s band wagon since the late presidential  campaign.

Ronald Regan Redux, looking sounding more like the Gipper, from Robert Samualson, RCP:

WASHINGTON — We in America have created suicidal government; the threatened federal shutdown and stubborn budget deficits are but symptoms. By suicidal, I mean that government has promised more than it can realistically deliver and, as a result, repeatedly disappoints by providing less than people expect or jeopardizing what they already have. But government can’t easily correct its excesses, because Americans depend on it for so much that any effort to change the status arouses a firestorm of opposition that virtually ensures defeat.  Government’s very expansion has brought it into disrepute, paralyzed politics and impeded it from acting in the national interest.

Dumbo’s Plan Redux President Barack Obama to unveil yet another plan to again to pretend to tackle the deficit, from Chris Moody, Daily Caller:

President Obama will unveil a long-term deficit reduction plan this week that includes cuts to entitlements like Medicare and Medicaid and raises taxes, White House Senior Advisor David Plouffe said Sunday.

So questions, does Oama understand wither the problem or his own plan?  Not likely.  Will this Obama plan work any better than any of his other previous plans such as Porkulus, Obama Care and Mrs. Clinton’s war on Libya?

Trumping Dumbo, what Donald Trump and Barack Obama share in common is that they both have huge egos without for insufficient reasons.  The difference whereas Dumbo appears intent on bankrupting our nation, Trump has already bankrupted what three companies.

Trump is a publicity whore and playing the Obami like a fiddle.

First from Seth Forman, American Thinker:

[Donald] Trump has achieved something important. His decision to focus like a laser on Obama’s failure to produce a birth certificate has highlighted the absolute corruption of the American media on the subject of Obama, and the dangers of power granted in the absence of an unaligned press.

Second from Lukas I. Alpert, New York Daily News:

The White House stopped just short of dismissing Donald Trump as a clown Sunday – calling him a “sideshow” act with “zero chance” of becoming president.

Chief Obama adviser David Plouffe unleashed a barrage of stinging comments on Trump, who has recently trafficked in fringe conspiracy theories about Obama’s place of birth while taunting America with hints of a presidential run.

If as the Obami assert, Trump has “zero chance” of becoming president why is the Obami’s chief political adviser David Plouffe playing into Trump’s hand?”  If as the Obami allege Trump has zero chance, then Trump could be safely ignored.  The fact that Plouffe is having to take time to deal Trump, means that Trump must be scaring the Obami.

Just think, candidate who claim to fame is running a beauty pageant scares to Obami, what would happen if they had to face a real politicians, with real accomplishments?

None dare call it food, school children forced eat school provided lunches or go hungry, via Michelle:

At his public school, Little Village Academy on Chicago’s West Side, students are not allowed to pack lunches from home. Unless they have a medical excuse, they must eat the food served in the cafeteria.

Funny how the liberal mind works.   School children are given the choice to use condoms and freely engage in sex.  Minor females are given abortions without the knowledge of their parents.  But lo and behold, they not allowed to brown bag it from home.   Call it what you will.  It is not freedom.

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