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Breakfast Scramble: A Tale of Two Speeches

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
POTUS speech reax:

From Nice Deb [1]:

It was a grotesque and dishonest speech.

From Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post [2]:

The president speaks, says very little

As I and many others expected, Obama today gave a speech about nothing much at all — if you don’t count attacking the only viable debt-reduction plan out there. He didn’t endorse the Simpson-Bowles plan. He did not propose a Social Security fix. He did not provide an alternative to top-down rationing of Medicare. One wonders how the White House thinks this helps the president

From Jake Tapper, who  compares what Obama said in last year January to what he said yesterday, from ABC News [3].   Mr. President,  Mr. Google is not your friend.

Mrs. Clinton has feminism on the brain, from Ben Birnbaum, Washington Times [4]:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton decried the marginalization of women in the Islamic world Tuesday night, calling women’s empowerment key to true democracy in the Middle East.


“So far, women have been excluded from key transitional decision-making processes,” Mrs. Clinton said. “When women marched through Tahrir Square to celebrate International Women’s Day in their new democracy, they were met by harassment and abuse.”

“You can’t claim to have a democracy if half the population is silenced,” she added

Arab democracies!  On what planet Mrs.  Clinton?

More, Daily Caller [5]:

“You cannot have a claim to democracy if half the population is left out,” she said. “All over the world we see living proof that Islam and women’s rights are compatible.”

There is no evidence that Islam is compatible with either human rights or democracy.