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MD call an MD, the entire state of Maryland appears to be be in dire need of a medical doctor.  Chris Polis, a twenty-two years old male, entered a occupied female restroom in a Baltimore area McDonalds Apparently exposed himself to fourteen year old minor female Got her royally offended, and then proceeded be kicked by his victim and her friend.  Mr. Polis is now claiming the status of victim.

Mr. Polis is a male and would be well advised to stay out of female restroom A somewhat confused Robert Stacy M Cain has a video of Mr. Polis, here.

Mr. McCain’s commentators have retained their common sense,  which this subject,  Stacy has lost.

I had kind of thought that the Aussies were somehow smarter then this, from Austrailian:

A TRANSGENDER woman brutally attacked at a McDonald’s restaurant says she was the victim of a hate crime.

The assault was captured on video that later went viral.

Its victim, 22-year-old Chrissy Lee Polis, told The Baltimore Sun: “I’m just afraid to go outside now because of stuff like this”.

If Mr. Chris Polis is a women, then I Elvis Presley.

High gas prices, then and now, video:

Hat tip:  Nice Deb.

High gas prices, Obama’s  dream, from Victor Davis Hanson,  Pajamas Media:

Gas Dreams Come True

If one were to collate Obama’s campaign rhetoric (bad coal companies would be “bankrupt” under his envisioned cap and trade plans, energy prices would “sky-rocket”) with that of Secretary Chu’s (“somehow” American gas prices should climb to European levels; we should be worried about our abundant fossil fuel resources that can “cook” us), then the present climb to near $5 a gallon gas is what the president and his energy secretary once thought would be salutary — a sort of Europe U.S.A. After all, we Americans in our ridiculous pick-ups and SUVs (remember the president’s advice to the questioner concerned about fuel prices to trade in his gas-guzzler, or perhaps his earlier advice to inflate our tires in lieu of off-shore drilling) sort of got what we deserved.

And think, if you think you are being screwed at the pump now, just wait until after Obama get re-elected and does not have deal with those nasty elections.

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