I’ve had an interesting week traveling around in the truck. Some of it, I ended up using someone else’s truck since mine was under repair. Lower miles as a result mean lower income, I suppose, but that goes with the territory. As of this writing, I’m back in my own truck, and it seems to be running correctly. I’ll have my computer with me next week, too.  Which of course means I can post again.

  • Did anyone really expect that a Democrat -run DOJ would take balloting fraud seriously?
  • I told you people over a year ago that the Chevy Volt would never sell. Overpriced, no range, too small, and certainly not a good value, particularly when you consider that every damned one of the things is federally subsidized.  The reason that General Motors never built the thing until such time as they got their arm twisted by the Federal government is they knew it wouldn’t sell.  Well, it still isn’t selling.  Nor will it.
  • Oh, Goody, just what we needed.  Another banner for the antinuclear activists to wave in our faces.  Of course, the whole story hasn’t come out as yet, and we don’t fully known all the parameters we are dealing with. Indeed, the reports are at least conflicting, but you know very well that’s exactly what’s going to happen.
  • So, Rick Santorum has a firm grip on reality, at least where this is concerned. I have several problems with the man in other areas, but at least in this he’s got it right.
  • Message to Daniels: Grow a spine. Daniels seems to think we need to sacrifice social issues to be a united party. But what he fails to understand is that we got into this mess with compromise.  The Tea Party grew to such prominence because of the damage that compromise brought our country, and the understanding of an ever growing number of Americans that compromise with the left means we fail as a country.Let’s break this down.  The statement that are compromised GOP is a united GOP is on its face an absurd statement, given the number of small ‘R'” republicans who have basically given up on the GOP and who gave rise to the Tea Party.

    Want another example?  John McCain.  Here’s a man who tried to compromise with the left wing of the party.  He lost that election, and the GOP lost a number of seats, because rank and file republicans rejected utterly the kind of compromise he exuded. The supposedly centrists, the Bushes and the McCains and the Daniels, and frankly, the current GOP leadership in the House and Senate, are what’s dividing the party now.  If the GOP wants to win elections, and have the support of its rank and file once again, they we’ll need to be constitutional conservatives and that means social conservatives as well.  Frankly, I don’t think they have it in them.

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